google algorithm update
google algorithm update

Most Important Google Algorithm Update 2023

Google Search Algorithm Updates – Complete Info

If you are a blogger or SEO person, then you must have heard about Google algorithm Update at some point or the other, these algorithms are very important for ranking any website.

Most of us ignore and do not pay much attention to Google’s algorithm and if suddenly when traffic to our website goes down, then we do not even know the reason behind it.

But if you know about every update of Google Algorithm, then the ranking of your website will not be affected and if ever it happens then you will get back your ranking, so always check updates and follow it.

If you want to know what is Google Algorithm, and how Google Algorithm works, then read this article till the end. Along with this precious information about Google and its Algorithm, we have also discussed some important updates of Google’s Algorithm in this article. So let’s start this article without any delay.

What is Google Algorithm?

Google Algorithm is a complex system by which Google provides the best possible results on the user’s search query in its search engine. Google uses some combinations of algorithms and some more ranking factors to deliver webpages relevant to user queries on its search engine result pages (SERPs).

Whenever you search for any information on the Google search bar, in your search query, the Google search engine generates a search results page with thousands of results in a fraction of a second, Google can only do this much job and this is because of its algorithm.

It is the set of algorithms that decide which website has to be ranked at which position. The algorithm of the Google search engine is very large and complex which is very difficult for every user to understand it. Google takes the help of an algorithm to show you the best result on SERP.

In its initial stage, Google made only a few updates to its search engine, but right now every year Google keep on making many updates to improve its search engine and its result. You can check Google search engine algorithm update on the official Twitter handle of Google Search Liaison.

How Google Algorithm works?

As we told you above, Google Algorithm is a very complex system that is not possible for a normal user to understand, but here we will tell you in simple words how Google Algorithm works.

Before ranking a website on a google search engine, Google search engine has to go through the process, which is as follows –

  • Crawling – First of all, Google’s crawlers crawl all the webpages thoroughly on the Internet, and then try to understand what kind of content is written over there.

  • Indexing – After crawling a webpage, if that page is indexable, then crawlers index that webpage. When a webpage is indexed then only it appears on SERP.

  • Ranking – After indexing the webpage, Google search engines finally give ranking to the relevant webpage of the user’s query on SERP based on their algorithm.

Google has many algorithms and ranking factors by which the Google search engine ranks the best webpages relevant to the query in the top position or first page. On Google, you are always getting to read the best and high-quality content on your query, all this is a possible cause of the Google algorithm.

What are Google algorithm updates?

Whatever necessary changes have to be done in our search engine algorithm by google in order to provide us the best results, we call it a Google algorithm update.

Some important algorithms of google

By now you must have understood what is Google Algorithm, now let us also know about some important Google Algorithm.

Google wants to be able to show users the best results relevant to their queries, so Google updated its algorithm from time to time. Some of these updates are so minor that we have no way of knowing about them, but some of them have a big impact on the ranking of a site and we learn about them on the Google blog or on social networks.

Here we explain some important Google algorithm updates and why they were removed. Through the table below, we have told you the name of the Google algorithm update, the year the update was released, and the purpose of the update, and then we will learn more about all these updates in more detail.

Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update
Google Algorithm Update

Google Important Algorithm

#1 – Panda

Panda Update was released in the year 2011 by Google. This algorithm checks the content on the website, such as whether your content is genuine or not, whether the user is getting some benefit from the content, whether the content has any meaning or not, how long the content is, etc. After the Panda update, It has been seen that there were a lot of losses in the ranking of those websites which did not publish genuine and unique content.

#2 – Penguin

Google’s Penguin update was one of the most important algorithms which were released in the year 2012. The main task of Penguin update was to check such spam links and backlinks of any website from which it is getting benefits in ranking. The ranking of all those websites which had created Link Farming or Spam Backlink to get a good ranking in search engines went down after the Penguin update.

#4 – Hummingbird

In Google’s algorithm update, Hummingbird was also an important update that was released by Google in the year 2013, which ensures that there should be correct and relevancy in the search query and content done by the user.

After this core update, Google outranked all such websites which were ranking using unethical Black Hat SEO, And in the Hummingbird update, such websites got the best advantage in ranking whose website content was relevant to the user’s search query.

#5 – Pigeon

The Pigeon update is one of the biggest local search algorithm updates ever from Google, local businesses benefited a lot after this update. For example, if a user searches for packers and movers for Delhi Location, then he will get to see packers and movers of Delhi on the top position of the SERP (search result page). After the Pigeon update, there was a lot of improvement has been done in Local SEO.

#6 – Mobilegeddon

The task of the Mobilegeddon algorithm update was to check whether a website is mobile-friendly or not and whether the website fits all screens. Around 2015, the use of mobile increased rapidly, and due to this more people started accessing the internet from mobile than desktop, so Google rolled out the Mobilegeddon update.

In today’s time, Google has many advanced algorithms for mobile-friendly testing of the website, such as Core Web Vital, but it all started with Mobilegeddon.

#7 – Rank Brain

Rank Brain is such an algorithm of Google through which Google search engine can easily understand the intention behind any search query i.e. search intent. Whenever a user does any query on Google, then there is some Intent behind doing that query, understanding and keeping this in mind this Intent of the user, Google released a Rank Brain update to show them the best result.

#8 – Fred

In the Fred update, Google noticed and downgraded the ranking of such websites which spoils the user’s experience. In fact, webmasters used to place too many ads to generate more revenue from their website, or used too many pop-ups, due to which the user could not read the content properly and his or her experience was bad. For solving these all problems, Google released Fred Update.

So friends, above these were the 8 most important updates of Google, keeping all these in your mind, you should do SEO of your website, then and then only your website will be able to perform well for the SERP.

Conclusion: What is Google’s Algorithm?

If you are willing that the ranking of your website should not be down, then you should always follow and work on your website in genuine ways, and also you should know about every new update of Google algorithm.

In this article, I have told you about what is Google Algorithm and some important Google algorithms Updates. I hope that after reading this precious article, you must have got the answers to all your questions related to Google algorithm updates. Did you like this article, must tell in the comment box, and if you have got to learn something new from this article, then share it with your friends on social media, Thanks.

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