Make Money to Sell Canva Templates
Make Money to Sell Canva Templates

Best Proven Strategies: Sell Canva Templates on Etsy in 2024

📌Ultimate Guide: Make Money with Canva and Etsy in 2024

Sell Canva Templates on Etsy: In the digital age, creativity meets occasion on platforms like Etsy, where contrivers and entrepreneurs can showcase their gifts and make a living. One similar occasion is dealing with the Canva template – a niche that combines design chops with the vast requests of individualities and businesses looking for customizable graphic results. This companion will walk you through the process of creating, selling, and dealing with Canva templates on Etsy.

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Sell Canva Templates on Etsy
Make Money to Sell Canva Templates

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📌How to Create Canva Template in Twinkles

Creating Canva template is a fairly straightforward process that requires some introductory design chops and knowledge of the platformSolet’s go through the way together.

1. Choose a Template Type

Choose a Template Type
Choose a Template Type

Assuming that you’ve formerly inked up for Canva, the first step in creating your own Canva templates is to choose a template type. Canva offers a wide range of template types social media platesdonations, resumes, business cardsbills, and pamphletsChoose a template type that you plan on offering to your followership.

2. Design your template

Design your template
Design your template

Once you have chosen your template, it’s time to start designing. You can choose from Canva’s collection of pre-made templates or produce your template design from Scrape. You can also customize and edit your template by adding your imagestextbookscolors, and other design rudiments.

3. Save your Template as a Canva Template

After designing your template, you can save it as a Canva template. This will let your guests edit and customize the template to their relish. To save it as a Canva template, click on Share and select how you want to publish your template.

4. Export your Canva template

Export your Canva templates
Export your Canva templates

Now, you can export your Canva template as a PDF or image train, and also upload it to your Sellfy store. Exporting your template allows your guests to download and use the template. To export it, click on Download and select the Respective format you want to export your template in.

📌What is Etsy Marketplace?

Etsy Marketplace
Etsy Marketplace

Etsy is an e-commerce platform focused on handmade, vintage, and (unique) items. It acts as a marketplace where sellers can list their products and buyers can browse and buy them. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, Etsy caters to a niche market of individuals looking for personalized and unique products. On Etsy, you can find a wide range of items including handmade crafts, clothing & shoes, home & living, jewelry, clothing, home decor, and more.

Etsy is a global online business devoted to creative and digital productsThen, artists, tradesmen, and contrivers can vend their unique and handwrought particulars. On Etsy, you’ll find products in every order, whether it be jewelry, home sceneryartapparel, or indeed digital art templates.

This platform is an ideal place for those who want to give a marketable form to their creativity and reach guests around the world. A distinctive point of Etsy is that it not only gives merchandisers the occasion to vend their products but also helps them promote their brand.

Etsy operates as a peer-to-peer marketplace, connecting sellers directly with buyers. Here’s a step-by-step description of how the platform works:

📌Why You Need To Choose Etsy to Sell Your Canva Template:

  • For Passive income. Dealing with the Canva template allows you to induce unresistant income by creating a product formerly and dealing with it multiple times.
  • Inflexibility. Canva templates can be made for different customers and nichesincluding social media, marketing, blogging, and more.
  • Scalability. You can always add new digital products and expand your immolations to increase your earnings.
  • Minimum costs. Creating and dealing with Canva templates requires minimum incipiency costsmaking it an affordable way to start an online business.

📌How Do You Sell Canva Templates On Etsy

Sell Canva Templates on Etsy
Sell Canva Templates on Etsy


Sellers create a shop on Etsy and list their products by providing detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, and relevant tags. This information helps potential buyers find the product.

👉Shoppers Browse and Shop

Shoppers can explore Etsy’s vast inventory by searching for specific items or browsing through different categories. They can filter their searches based on price range, location, and other criteria to find the right item.

👉Transactions and Payments

When a shopper finds an item they want to purchase, they can add it to their cart and proceed to checkout. Etsy offers a variety of secure payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Once the payment is completed, the seller is notified of the order.

👉Order Fulfillment

Sellers are responsible for packaging the products and shipping them to buyers. They can choose their preferred shipping methods and provide an estimated delivery time. Etsy provides tools to help sellers manage their inventory and track orders.

👉Feedback and Reviews

After receiving their purchases, buyers have the opportunity to leave feedback and reviews for the seller. This feedback helps build a seller’s reputation on Etsy and provides valuable insights for potential buyers.

👉Opening an Etsy Shop

If you’re interested in becoming a seller on Etsy, follow these steps to open your shop:

👉Sign up

Visit the Etsy website and click on the “ Sell on Etsy ” option. You will be prompted to create an account by providing your personal information and agreeing to Etsy’s terms and conditions.

👉Select Shop Name

Choose a unique name for your shop that reflects your brand and the type of products you sell. Make sure it’s memorable and easy to spell.

👉Set Up Shop

Customize your shop by adding profile pictures, banners, and shop policies. Write engaging descriptions of your products, highlighting their unique features and craftsmanship.

👉Pricing and Shipping

Set prices for your products taking into account your production costs, materials, and time. Set up your shipping options and policies, including international shipping if desired.

👉List your products

Start listing your products by adding clear and attractive images, detailed descriptions, and relevant tags. Use keywords that accurately describe your products and align with what buyers are looking for.

👉Product Information and Stores

At this step, you will have to enter the information about your products one by one so that the customer can understand your product or get the product he needs as per his wish.

🔶You can do this by using the Add a List option, you can provide all this information;

  • Picture
  • Video
  • Title
  • Category
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Material used
  • According to price only
  • Means of Delivery
  • Product size or weight
  • Delivery charges
  • Customs information
  • Information

For each listing, you have the option to upload all types of photos, you can provide any information about the product or its origin.

👉Promote your shop

Etsy offers various marketing tools to help you promote your shop and products. Use social media, email marketing, and other channels to drive traffic to your shop and increase sales.

📌How To Sell Canva Templates On Etsy

Fees on Etsy

There are fees associated with running a shop on Etsy. Here are the main fees you should be aware of Listing Fees: Etsy charges $0.20 for each product listing. This fee covers the 4-months Time Period that your listing is active on the platform.

👉Transaction Fee

Etsy charges a 6.5% transaction fee on the total sale price, which includes the item price and any shipping fees. This fee is deducted from the seller’s earnings.

👉Payment Processing Fee

When a buyer makes a purchase, Etsy applies a payment processing fee depending on the payment method chosen. This fee varies depending on the buyer’s location and may include a credit card processing fee or PayPal transaction fee.

👉Additional Vendor Services

Etsy offers optional seller services, such as promoted listings and Etsy advertising, which incur additional costs. These services can help increase the visibility of your shop and bring in more traffic.

👉15% offsite Advertising Fee

Etsy pays to advertise your items on the web through offsite ads. You’ll only pay a fee if you make a sale from one of those ads.

📌Tips for Success on Etsy

How Do You Sell Canva Templates On Etsy
How Do You Sell Canva Templates On Etsy

🔶To maximize your success on Etsy, consider the following tips:

👉Marketing Knowledge

Stay updated with the latest marketing trends and techniques to promote your products effectively. Use social media platforms, SEO strategies, and other marketing channels to reach a wider audience.

👉Choose the right product

Select products that are in line with current market trends and meet the needs of a specific target audience. Research what buyers are looking for and create unique, high-quality items that stand out.

👉Consider the Costs

Take all costs into account, including production materials, shipping expenses, and Etsy fees when setting your product prices. Make sure that your products are priced competitively and still provide you with a profit. 

👉Use High-Resolution Images

Capture your products with clear, high-resolution images that showcase their unique features. Use good lighting and different angles to provide a comprehensive view of your objects.

👉Tell the story of your product

Create compelling descriptions that go beyond the basic features of your products. Share the inspiration behind your creations, the materials used, and any special techniques adopted. Telling a compelling story can help connect with buyers on a deeper level.

👉Optimize Keywords

Do keyword research and include relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and tags. This optimization (keyword optimization) improves your chances of appearing in search results when buyers are looking for specific items.

👉Use ads and free shipping

Consider using Etsy’s advertising options to increase your shop’s visibility. Additionally, offering free shipping can attract more buyers and encourage them to make a purchase.

👉Take advantage of Etsy selling tools

Explore the different selling tools and features that Etsy offers, like an inventory management system, customer analytics, and automated marketing campaigns. These tools can streamline your operations and help you achieve success.

📌Difference Between Amazon and Etsy

🔶FocusWide range of products including electronics, household items, books, etc.Handmade, vintage, and unique craft items.
🔶Target AudienceBroad audience looking for a variety of products, including everyday items.Shoppers looking for unique, personalized, or handmade items.
🔶Seller BaseBoth individuals and large retailers.Mainly individual artisans, crafters, and small-scale sellers.
🔶FeesListing fees, referral fees, and optional subscription fees.Listing fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees.
🔶Listing DurationUntil the product sells or the listing is removed by the seller.4 months, after which the listing can be renewed.
🔶CustomizationLimited customization options for product listings.High level of customization for shop appearance and product listings.
🔶Community AspectLess emphasis on the seller-buyer relationship.Strong emphasis on the community, with a focus on the story behind the items.
🔶Brand FocusMore on product and convenience.More on creativity, uniqueness, and the story behind the products.
🔶Market ReachGlobal, with a vast customer base.Global, but with a niche market focusing on craft and vintage items.
🔶Product TypesNew, used, and refurbished products across all categories.Handmade, vintage (20 years or older), and craft supplies.


Amazon and Etsy are both online marketplaces that provide services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. While Amazon offers a wide range of products, Etsy specializes in unique handmade and vintage items. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive comparison of both platforms and help you make an informed decision.


Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It offers a wide range of products and services, including Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Music. The company’s “flywheel” philosophy involves lowering prices to attract customers and then raising them to benefit from economies of scale. Amazon has more than 40 subsidiaries, including Audible and Whole Foods Market.

📌Benefits of selling on Amazon

👉Large Customer Base

Amazon has over 300 million active users worldwide, making it easy for sellers to reach potential customers.

👉Easy to Sign Up

 Amazon has a simple sign-up process, and sellers can start listing their products in minutes.

👉Prime Membership

Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping and access to exclusive deals, making it an attractive option for customers.

👉Wide Range of Products

Amazon allows sellers to list almost anything legal, giving them access to a diverse customer base.

👉Automated Processes

Amazon offers automated shipping, fulfillment, and customer service, making it easier for sellers to manage their businesses.

👉Disadvantages of selling on Amazon

👉High Competition

Amazon’s large customer base also means higher competition among sellers, making it harder to stand out.


Etsy is an online marketplace founded in 2005, specializing in unique handmade and vintage items. The company’s mission is to “keep commerce human” by fostering the human connection at the center of commerce. Etsy has over 1 million active shops worldwide, with sellers managing their own orders.

📌Benefits of selling on Canva Template on Etsy

👉Established Community

 Etsy has a large, established community of buyers and sellers, making it easy for sellers to reach potential customers.

👉Easy To Install

 Etsy has a simple sign-up process, and sellers can start listing their products in minutes.

👉Unique Products

Etsy specializes in unique handmade and vintage items, making it an attractive option for customers looking for unique products.

👉low cost to install

 There are no set-up fees on Etsy, and sellers are charged just $0.20 to list an item and a 6.5% commission on the sale.

📌Disadvantages of selling on Etsy

👉Limited Product

 Etsy allows sellers to list only handmade, vintage, or unique items, limiting their customer base.

👉Limited Branding

 Etsy’s policies limit sellers’ ability to brand and market their products.

👉High Competition

 Etsy’s focus on unique items means high competition among sellers, making it hard to stand out.


🔶ProductAmazon allows sellers to list almost anything legal, while Etsy only allows handmade, vintage, or unique items. This gives Amazon a wider range of products and a more diverse customer base, whereas Etsy specializes in one kind of item.
🔶SellersAmazon has over 40 subsidiaries and allows anyone to sell on its platform, while Etsy supports independent sellers directly. This means that Amazon has a larger pool of sellers and more competition, while Etsy has a smaller pool of sellers and less competition.
🔶Sign-up ProcessAmazon and Etsy both have simple sign-up processes, but Etsy lets sellers and buyers sign up using their Facebook accounts, making it easier and faster to get started.
🔶CompetitionAmazon’s larger pool of sellers means higher competition, while Etsy’s focus on unique items means higher competition among sellers as well.
🔶ConclusionIn conclusion, both Amazon and Etsy offer unique advantages and disadvantages for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Amazon’s wide range of products, large customer base, and automated processes make it an attractive option, while Etsy’s focus is on unique items and an established community.

Etsy provides a unique platform for artisans and sellers to showcase their handmade, vintage, and creative products to a global audience. Whether you’re looking to start your shop or search for unique items, Etsy offers a vibrant and supportive community.

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can grow your presence on Etsy and increase your chances of success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Remember, Etsy isn’t just a marketplace; It’s a place where creativity flourishes, relationships are formed and dreams become reality. Start your Etsy journey today and join a thriving community of artists, makers, and entrepreneurs.

👉How long does it take to make money with Etsy?

There’s no definite answer to how long it takes to make money on Etsy, as it depends on various factors like your niche, product, marketing, and competition. Some people can make money almost immediately, while others may take a few months or longer.

👉Can I make money through Etsy?

Yes, you can make money through Etsy by selling handmade, artistic, vintage, or digital items on the platform. However, it’s important to do some research and planning before starting an Etsy shop. You also have to ensure that your product will be profitable for you.


Here you Got enough Information on “Make Money to Sell Canva Templates on Etsy” and Parallely we also discussed Amazon Marketplace and Etsy Marketplace. You Decide What You Want after Getting this Information. 

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