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Follow Best 25 Indian Digital Marketers in 2023

List of India’s Best Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is the most trending topic of today’s time. Everyone wants to bring their business to the digital platform in which we digital marketers help us. If you also want to know about the top digital marketers in India, then read the post completely.

Digital India is growing very fast. I have been doing web designing and digital marketing for almost 3 years and working on it. After engineering, my interest came in web designing and digital marketing.

But today I am going to tell about those top digital marketers of India from whom I am learning a lot, and here you can also learn a lot.

Top Digital Marketers Lists in India 2023

1. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain
Sorav Jain

Sourav Jain started his career in Digital Marketing at the age of 17 as an SEO Executive and Freelance Content Writer. In 2010, Sorav started his own digital marketing agency, Echo VME, which received the prestigious award of ‘Best Social Media Agency of 2013’ by CMO Asia.

Sorav also conducts seminars, lecture workshops on digital marketing. He has shared his digital marketing lessons at various prestigious institutes like NASSCOM, IIM, LIBA and many more.

Till date Sourav has conducted 100+ workshops and trained 3500+ professionals on social media. Sorav is an expert in Social Media Marketing Training and Consulting, Apps Development and Personal Branding. He organized the first Social Media Summit which was held in Chennai. About 24+ speakers came from all over the world in this summit. Sorav has also launched a book named “social media for business”.

Sorav also shares his skills and experiences on his YouTube channel. You too can learn digital marketing from Sourav. You can learn digital marketing with the help of his blog, youtube channel. People who want to learn Digital Marketing in Hindi. Sorav has made a course of Digital Marketing Hindi for them. You can apply for this course online. And after completing the course, you can also get a certificate. That too absolutely free.

2. Pratik Chudasama (Digital Pratik)

Digital icons are growing very fast are Indian digital marketers. I follow them. Prateek is Keynote Speaker, Social Media Communicator with Digital Marketer. If you want to grow on social media, branding yourself or your business, then follow Digital Pratik.

Pratik is an engineering dropout. He started with a call center job. And in a very short span of time, it has carved a niche for itself in the digital world.

Icons do a minimum of 100 unique pieces of content on social media today. You can follow them on Instagram, and YouTube for more of their popular video content. Also he is a popular podcaster. You can listen to his podcast show Digital Prateek Show .

He is the top podcast creator from India in the field of digital marketing. His digital marketing journey is also very inspiring and motivating. Digital Icons follows Gary Vaynerchuk.


But if you follow the strategy of Digital Pratik then surely you can become a successful brand. Being a one man army, he is uploading valuable content, it is really praiseworthy.

3. Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak runs the world famous digital marketing agency of Kanakraju. Whose name is Digital Deepak. Digital Deepak is one such blog of his. From where you can get information about digital marketing. When I was researching about Deepak, I came to know that Deepak is a bike lover.

He started his own blog on motorcycle called Bike Advice. Which had more than 1 lakh followers and more than 1 million page views every month.

Perhaps this was the success that made the lamp a digital lamp. And he is a digital marketer today. After Deepak’s bike blog, he worked with many companies and did digital marketing for them.

Deepak’s blog is one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Blog. Deepak is a civil engineer, but it is this passion that has turned the civil engineer into a well-known digital marketer.

Deepak is also running a free digital marketing course. You do not have to pay fees or any test for this course. You are also given a certificate after the completion of the course.

4. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is a name that almost all bloggers and digital marketers will be familiar with. Today Harsh Agarwal is the blogging guru. You should know that for digital marketing you also need to be sure on blogging.

He is the author of which is a famous blog. Shoutmeloud is a blog where you get everything related to blogging, digital marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing.

Harsh has completed his B.Tech in Information Technology stream. Harsh has also started a blog Shoutmehindi in his national language Hindi. From where you can learn blogging and digital marketing.
He has also written many e-books which you can download from his site.

5. Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep is a passout from Delhi IIT. After passing out from here, they can join any corporate job. But in the year 2000, he was greatly influenced by digital media. He chose digital marketing as his career.

Pradeep founded Digital Vidya in the year 2009 seeing the growth of digital marketing. His aim behind starting Digital Vidya was to have a platform from where digital marketing can learn all the courses.

Pradeep himself has trained over 1500 professionals. He has also spoken at India’s Leadership Forum NASSCOM, World Blogger’s Global Conference.
Pradeep has published several articles on his digital marketing skills and experience in The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Posted in magazine.

6. Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is one of the Professional Bloggers of India. He created in 2013 on internet marketing ek up ek blog. Completed my engineering in the year 2012 and started my online venture in 2013.

Jitendra has over 6+ years of experience in SEO and Internet Marketing. He has a good grasp of internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) besides latest technology like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Search Algorithms.

He got a place in the top 20 bloggers of India in 2014. With which he was recognized by Kai Online Magazine. In 2014, he founded, a digital marketing agency.

He has helped many individuals and businesses to increase their visibility. He also worked to promote international business.

7. Ankita Gaba

Ankita Gaba is the partner and business head of iZero. He is also the co-founder of He has done his MBA in Marketing from Welingkar Institute of Management.

They were listed by “Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants 2012-13”. Apart from this, he has received many awards for his amazing work on social media.

8. Aditya Gupta

In 2011, Aditya Gupta along with Ankita Gaba launched Social Samosa. In the year 2014, social samosa was given in the hands of confidential investors, in which the amount was also kept confidential.

But in the experience of ET report, investors bought this company in 2-3 crores. Now Aditya is working in his own Digital communication agency Igenero. Igenero works in the areas of branding, web and mobile based products and digital strategy.

Aditya is a mechanical engineer but his digital marketing skills earned him a place in this list.

9. Jainendra Singh

Jainendra’s client centric approach, strategic thinking, and analytical mindset make him a unique niche in the powerful digital marketing world of the world.

Inspired by his love for digital marketing, he started the site Digital Love . Along with the service of web designing and digital marketing, now he is also providing online digital marketing training.

Jainendra is a certified Google AdWords Trainer. Jainendra has used his experience in creating strategic plans and business structures for several muti billion dollars companies.

10. Himashu Arora

Himanshu Arora is a Computer Science Engineer from Delhi. Also, he has done MBA in Marketing. Himanshu is the co-founder of Social Panga.

Social Panga is a Digital Marketing Agency. Himanshu can be called the “Marketing Mafia” of the digital marketing world.

Himanshu I specialize in creating and implementing digital marketing strategies. He has worked with leading brands like Coca-Cola, SAP, Accenture, Citibank, HUL, Decathlon, Google, Horlicks, NBA, etc.

Himanshu is one of the few people who sell and train Google products such as Google AdWords.

Provided digital marketing training to 35+ leading corporate companies like HUL, TOI, Pidilite, TCS, ICICI, Kotak, Nokia, Wipro, HPCL, along with many other educational institutes.

11. Prasant Naidu

There is an interesting story about him that Prashant was a business analyst. Vinaya was a freelance designer. Both like to write on their blogs. Both of them met for the first time in a common connection.

Then both became husband and wife and they started Light House Insight in December 2010. Which was the revolution of the social media industry.

In January 2012, the duo restarted their blog. In the year 2013, the Social Media examiner included in the top social media blogs. He has worked for various publishers, brands and agencies.

12. Sahil Khanna

Sahil Khanna is the founder of LAPAAS.COM. Talking about Sahil Khanna’s education, he has done his graduation in Chemical Engineering. After this he has completed his MBA in Marketing and International Business.

He has a very popular YouTube channel called Intellectual Indies . Here you can watch his videos on Digital Marketing, Business Ideas, Startup Ideas and Startup News. Videos are in Hindi.

If you are a beginner in digital marketing or startup, you must subscribe to their channel.

You will get all the services from web designing to digital marketing on Sahil Khanna’s LAPAAS.COM. Also you can enroll for Digital Marketing course on LAPAS.

His series like Business Case Study and Startup News are very popular. I think very few youtubers or digital marketers waste their time in case study or research.

But on Intellectual Indies channel you get all this. Even if you watch his videos, you can update yourself in the digital marketing field.

13. Amresh Bharti (Mahatma Ji Technical)

Amresh Bharti whom you know by the name of Mahatma Ji Technical. His popular channels on Youtube are Mahatma Ji Technical and We Make Creators .

We Make Creators is one of his companies. From where they sell digital marketing courses and services online. If you want to make a perfect youtuber and digital marketer then you can enroll in the course from here.

Even if you follow their YouTube channel, you get very good information about YouTube and digital marketing. Mahatma ji technical with your videos you give knowledge as well as inspiration.

14. Nitish Verma

Nitish Verma has mainly not been able to make his place in this list. But hopefully in the coming time I will also be in this list. Nitish Verma did Engineering in Electronics and Communication in the year 2016. In 2017, he launched

On NITISHVERMA.COM, you get services and information related to WordPress websites, SEO, SMO, and digital marketing. Nitish has helped many entrepreneurs and low-budget businesses. Also on Nitish Verma’s blog you get information about digital marketing in Hindi.

Many such people want to learn blogging and digital marketing. This world is right for them. You can also visit to learn about the latest technology.

I hope you have liked Top Digital Marketers Lists in India 2023 (List of India’s Best Digital Marketers). If you think that any name has been left in this list. Then do tell me in the comments. Also tell us whom do you follow among them and why?
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