Can Open AI ChatGPT kill Google? | 7 Steps to Use Chat GPT

AI ChatGPT | Full Information

What is AI Chat GPT is very much discussed on Google, and people are searching about Chat GPT on the internet. Many people are making videos on it and many people are giving positive responses on social media. It is being said that this ChatGPT will kill Google as well, it will destroy the job and will earn lakhs of rupees.

What is ChatGPT and what are its features?

  1. In AI Chat GPT, you can find an essay on any topic, it gives you an essay in 2 minutes by writing it.
  2. In Chatgpt you can also find Javascript and Html codes, you get the code used to make any tool in 2 minutes.
  3. You can do travel planning in ChatGPT, that too according to day by day.
  4. This platform is completely free now.

 ➡ Chat GPT Short Highlights

Release Date30 NOV. 2022
TypeArtificial intelligence chatbot
Original AuthorOpenAI
CEO & InvestorSam Altman  & Microsoft

After all, what is this Chat GPT, why is it so much discussed, and who is the founder of AI Chat GPT? Let us give you information about it. Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chat board in which you ask questions and you get answers by writing.

In this, you can ask all kinds of questions like – traveling plans, recipes, coding code, essays, music, bio, etc. You can collect any information. But right now there is some limitation in it like – Current data is not updated after 2021. There is no illegal or sexual life or even those things which pose danger to human beings.


Chat GPT Login

Chat GPTWebsite

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What is AI ChaGPT?

AI Chat GPT is a chat board developed using artificial intelligence technology to give you answers to all your questions. Artificial technology has been used to develop it. It will work like Google Search Engine for you. The new answers received will be in English but you can translate them into in any other Language.

Chat in the English language is GPT (Generative Pre-trend Transformer). It has been launched recently so only it is present in the English language. But work on this is still going on, gradually it will be available in all languages. openai Chat GPT launch date is -30 November 2022. chat gpt website is – Chat.Openai.Com. Its user count has increased to 5 million in 5 days.

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What is AI ChatGPT full form 

GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is called if it is understood (generative pre-trained transformer). The most important thing about AI Chat GPT is that it gives you direct question answers. When you search a question in Google, it shows you the options of many websites. Through GPT, you get automatically written articles, essays, YouTube scripts, cover letters, etc. as you search on it.

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Who is the Founder of AI ChatGPT?

founder of chat gpt
Founder of Chat GPT


The founder of AI Chat GPT is a person named Sam Altman who along with Elon Musk started Chat GPT in the year 2015. Initially, it was a non-profit company and after working for 1 to 2 years this project was abandoned by Elon Musk.

But later Sam Altman took this project forward with Microsoft company. Microsoft invested a huge amount in it. It was launched as a prototype on 30 November 2022 and on the very first day, it crossed the figure of one million users, in 5 days 5 million users joined it, and this arrogance is now increasing continuously. Right now the company is working on it so that it can be improved further.

How ChatGPT works?

When you go to the official website of AI Chat GPT, you have been told in detail about the way it works. Actually publicly available data is used to train its developers. When you put your question in chatGPT, it finds the answer from public data and presents it to you on your device by writing it correctly and in the right language.

After getting the answer, you can also tell this device whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with its answer. And it keeps updating its data continuously. Let me tell you that the training of AI Chat GPT is completed in the year 2022, so after that, you will not get the information. But the company will soon update the data for the year 2022 and present it in front of you.


How to use AIChat GPT?

To use AI Chat GPT, you have to use the internet on your mobile. Follow the step-by-step process.

Step 1: – First of all turn on the internet in Android mobile then open the Google browser.

Step 2: – Open website by typing in Google.

Step 3: – After that you login / sign up on the home page, if you are creating an account for the first time then you will sign up.
Step 4: – As soon as you click on Signup, you will get 3 options, sign up by clicking Continue with Gmail ID, Microsoft account, or Google account.

Step 5: – The Gmail id used in your phone will pop open and select the Gmail id by clicking on it.

Step 6:– After this, you will get a box, with that name and mobile number del below.

Step 7:– OTP will come on your mobile number, enter it and your page will be login.

What are the benefits of ChatGPT?

  • Chat GPT has been launched just recently, after which there is a lot of interest in people to know about it, at the moment how many benefits it has, most of the people could not know, as people will use it, so will its benefits. Will come to know. But there are some advantages which can generally be seen.
  • The biggest advantage of AI Chat GPT is that the user gets a direct answer to the question asked by him without wasting time.
  • The second biggest advantage is that it is currently free for all users.
  • The third big advantage is that it also gives you technical code like HTML code Javascript in a pinch.
  • It does not give you any information to be involved in any legal activity.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the answer and again ask the same question then it gives you an updated answer as it continuously gives you an updated answer.

What are the disadvantages of ChatGPT?

Now going above its advantages, but now we know a little about its disadvantages, that is, about its loss.

In Chat GPT, you do not get data after March 2022 because its training is over by April 2022, due to which its data is not updated further. But its data will be updated further.
There are many such questions that are not possible to answer for this.
It has some limitations like it does not answer sexual, legal, or personal desire.

Will AI ChatGPT kill Google?

Google is a search engine in which data is available from all over the world, it has crores of websites and things like apps, videos, images, Gippy, etc. But Chatgpt gives you the same answer which is available on google or the Internet.

On asking a question in Chatgpt, you get an answer which is only in the form of text. But Google answers you through many websites, images, and videos when you ask a question.

People & News’ S Opinions on ChatGPT

According to the opinion of many news channels and people, open ai chat GPT Cannot beat Google. Because Google has its own Eco-System which is spread all around today’s time users. Like Google Maps, Gmail ID, and Google Assistant, there are other products of Google that are used in large numbers today. Without whom it is difficult to do your work or your survival.

If Chat GPT continuously updates and improves itself, then it can compete with Google, but for this ChatGPT will have to work on Videos, Images, and Voice as well. Because the user does not want to read today’s date. He needs accurate information in less time because the user is short of time.

Will AI Chat GPT kill human jobs?

In the era of increasing technology and technology, it has been seen and believed that many menial jobs have ended. But because of this technology also it was seen many opportunities have also come for humans.

So it doesn’t matter at all, with the arrival of chat GPT, there will be no difference in the jobs of humans, but the hope of more new opportunities will increase.

Yes, if it is developed at an advanced level, then perhaps there may be a reduction in some jobs, but there is no firm guarantee of this.

Earn from AI ChatGPT

See, on the official website of ChatGPT, there is no mention of earning through it. Nor has any official information been received yet. Although people and many top bloggers believe that can also be earned from this. Let us tell you some ways which are being told by the blogger.

Earn by writing content

GPT Content Writing


  • You can write YouTube scripts through Chat GPT.
  • With chat GPT, you can earn by searching the business name and slogan, taking an idea, making a good name and slogan, and selling it to any upcoming new company.
  • With Chat GPT, you can write a Gmail Script for marketing and send it to the customer, with that you can sell your product.
  • You can also earn by selling online services, for this, you have to go to the AI Chat GPT platform and search online service platforms.


No, OpenAI’s GPT model cannot “kill” Google. GPT is a language model developed by OpenAI and it is used for generating text based on patterns learned from a large corpus of data. It is not capable of killing a company like Google. Additionally, it is not the intention of OpenAI or its creators to harm any company or organization.

As a language model AI, Open AI GPT cannot kill Google as it does not have the ability to physically harm or destroy anything. Open AI GPT is designed to generate human-like text based on the input provided to it, while Google is a multinational technology company offering various products and services including search engine, cloud computing, advertising, and more. Both have their own unique capabilities and serve different purposes.

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