Booming Future of Podcasts : $4 billion industry by 2024


Podcasting will be a $4 billion industry by 2024. You Must have heard about podcasts somewhere and also you must have seen many different types of videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Some people might have even made videos. But have you ever made audio? Have you ever recorded audio? Have you ever uploaded audio? In recent times, many people use social media a lot. 

They love to share and post their thoughts. He shares his idea by using different things inside it. In the same way, podcasts are also a part of social media. Even inside this, you can share your thoughts and information with people. But what are these podcasts? Many people have thoughts about it. So let’s know about it in this blog.

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What is a podcast?

The way we write articles and share them with people, in the same way, the podcasts are also there. It is like a Devine or mobile app. We store any type of information in the form of audio and share all this information with people. In this we can put our voice as audio, just as we record any video on our mobile or camera, in the same way only our voice is recorded inside podcasting, then we can share it with everyone else. can share with.

Podcasting audio form

Any type of article that is in the form of audio is called a podcastAs you are reading this article. It is in written form, just as podcasts are in audio form. When we upload the voice on any platform, then the place where people listen to the voice is called podcasting.


Origin of the word podcasts

“Podcast” is made up of two words: playable on demand (POD) and broadcast. Later it was also used on other means on the Internet like websites, blogs, etc. These are characterized by the use of digital audio formats that are automatically downloaded by various software using RSS or Atom feeds.

Types of podcast

There are many formats for making podcasts. And out of these, you can start a podcast channel of your own by adopting any format.

1. Interview Podcast Type

Interview podcast in which there is a host. And he invites a guest to his podcast show. And here the podcast host takes a good interview with his guest and after that, he asks some questions related to his guest’s podcast topic. So that it can further enhance its conversation.

2. One-Person Podcast

There is a single host in this podcast who shares information on a particular topic with others through his podcast. And most people prefer to choose this podcast only. That is, they alone record their own voice and upload it on the platform.

3. Storytelling podcast

Here the host shares his opinions with people about his real-life incident or any such event. In this, you can start your podcast channel by recording your culture, tourism, places, or your own journey.

How to start a podcast?

After creating it, we need a platform to upload it. There are many such platforms available in the market.

  • www.Podbean.com
  • www.Spreaker.com
  • www.anchor.com

You can upload your Voice on the platform mentioned above. If you have a WordPress blog, you can use it by installing a plugin called Seriously Simple Podcasting. You can store your podcast inside web hosting by using a plug-in. You can post in your blog just like a normal post.

You will also need a microphone to record the Voice, if you have a smartphone inside which has a good enough mic, then you can start your podcasting inside that too. If you don’t have one then you will have to buy an external mic.

Benefits of Podcasting

  • Brand building
  • Earn
  • User Engagement

Saves time

The biggest advantage of listening to podcasts is saving time. Because you can listen to podcasts while doing any of your work and can take a knowledge or enjoy. For example, you can listen to podcasts anywhere while driving a car or working in the kitchen, or doing gym. For this, you will not need to stop your work and time will be saved.

Battery and data are saved

Both battery and data are saved while listening to podcasts. Because of this, the power consumption is very less as compared to video content, and the battery life of laptop or smartphone increases. Also, data consumption is also very less as compared to video content. If your phone has slow internet speed or low data, then you can listen to podcasts.

Utilization of free time

Through podcasts, we can gather information and get knowledge on a particular topic anywhere, making good use of our free time. You will get this information in audio format. In this way, our time is properly utilized and we get to learn something new.

No specific time is required for listening to podcasting

You can listen to podcasting anytime anywhere and at any time. There is no need for people to tune in or tune in at certain times like radio or TV shows.

The podcast is very cheap

The podcasts are not expensive for the advertiser and podcaster. The cost of its setup and making is very less. That’s why a large number of audiences can be reached using podcasts, that too at a low cost.

best motivational podcasts
best motivational podcasts

Disadvantages of Podcast

The podcast is not possible without the internet

To listen to the radio, you do not need anything other than power. But to listen to Podcasts, you will need internet along with power. For this, it is necessary to have a data plan on your smartphone or computer, which provides you with the internet to listen to podcasts. It is not possible to listen to podcasts without the internet.

Protecting IP and Content is a difficult task

It is very difficult to protect your IP and content from being copied by any other podcaster. Anyone can easily change or modify your content and upload it. It is very difficult to identify and control such cases. This is a major headache for popular podcasters and major studios.

Brand building

If your podcasts are interesting, people will check your website, again and again, to listen to your Voice and come over to listen to it. In this way, your brand will be built.


  • sponsorship
  • Monthly Subscription Model

As soon as the username of those listening to your voice increases, through this, you can earn by sponsoring. This is the easiest and best way. All you have to do is to tell your audience about any one product, in this way, you can earn in return. 

Example: If a thousand people listen to your podcast, you can comfortably charge $10-$15 per sponsor in return.

Monthly Subscription Model

As your podcast grow, you can use a monthly subscription model. This means that you can be paid for your podcast. Like you keep some 10 podcast for free and then you tell your audience that if you want to listen to further podcast, you can buy a monthly subscription from me. By telling about it, you can use the monthly subscription model.

Suppose you are charging ₹ 100 per month for your podcasts and if 300 people have subscribed to your podcast, then your earning will be ₹ 30,000. (300*100= 30000₹)

User Engagement

If you have a blog or a website, you can double your user engagement with the help of your podcasts. The biggest advantage of podcasting is that as visitors spend more and more time on your blog, your SEO will also increase.

Benefits of listening to podcast

There can be many benefits of listening to podcasts, suppose you are going somewhere and you have to get information at the same time, then podcasts would be appropriate, not blogs and videos. It depends on the user when, and how, he uses it.

When to listen to podcast?

You can listen whenever you want, as you listen to the song, you can listen to the podcasts, meaning instead of the song, you listen to the podcast, this will increase knowledge, apart from this, if you need any information, you can listen to the podcast. This will give you 2 advantages:

  • saving time 
  • You’ll get the information you need quickly, meaning you can listen to podcasts anywhere, with no time limits.

Where to listen to podcasts?

Google Podcast
Google Podcast

For this, there are many platforms where you can listen to podcasts:

  • Google Podcast, 
  • Apple Podcast,
  • Spotify
  • Anchor Fm etc.

Make podcasts on which topic?

By the way, you can create a voice on any new such topic which is going on in the trade. Apart from this, there are many such topics about which you can inform people by making podcasts. Some such better topics are going to be told which are often liked topics.

  • Motivational
  • love story
  • Entertainment
  • news
  • technology
  • Personal
  • life hacks

What is Google Podcast?

Any content that is in the form of audio, the same content is called Google Podcast. POD (playable on demand) and Broadcast, which is directly related to audio communication, when any device plays any information in the form of audio from the computer, multimedia mobile, or smartphone, it is called Google Podcasting.

Best Motivational Podcasts


Podcasts are audio files available on the Internet for users to listen to or download, typically a series to which one can subscribe. Podcasts are usually on a specific topic and are particularly useful in providing information to people running on tight time schedules. There are currently several podcasts available that you can add to your playlist:

  • school of greatness
  • stealth attraction
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • Deliberately
  • Happened to Gretchen Rubin
  • Tony Robbins Podcasts
  • hidden brain
  • motivation report
  • The Good Life Project
  • the minimalist 
  • The Happiness Lab
Podcast Apps
Podcast Apps

Best Podcasting Platform

  • Anchor.FM
  • Google Podcast
  • Podbean Podcast platform
  • BuzzSprout 
  • Khabri Studio App 
  • Pocket FM 
  • Speaker Podcast Studio

Mythological Podcasts in Hindi

  • Why didn’t the caste worship Brahma Dev?
  • Goddess Vaibhavi Shreeji
  • eternal truth
  • story of cupid
  • Form of Vishnu
  • Shri Krishna Katha
  • How does Saraswati Mata arrive?

Best Hindi Podcast App

  1. Aawaz
  2. Headfone
  3. Google Podcasts
  4. Kuku FM
  5. Vāarta
  6. Spotify
  7. Pocket FM
  8. news

Top Podcasters in the World

  • Joe Rogan
  • Ashley Flowers and brit streamer
  • Alexandra Cooper
  • Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
  • Benjamin Shapiro
  • Michael Barbaro
  • Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer
  • Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Thomas Vito
  • Charles Bryant and Josh Clarke
  • Ashley Kelly and Alina Urquhart


What are podcasts?

Podcasts are a collection or series of digital audio files made available for download or listening via the Internet.

Are podcasts available for free?

Yes, This is available in both free and paid forms. Some podcasts platforms are like that, they charge for that.

Do the podcasts have a video?

No, It is a collection of audio files, so video is not available.

Hopefully, this blog has given you complete information about what is a podcast. If you want to read such interesting blogs then stay tuned to Our website.

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