List of Blog Commenting Sites
List of Blog Commenting Sites

1000+Free Best List of Blog Commenting Sites [Verified & High DA]

Free Blog Commenting Sites List 2024

Are you Looking For the List of Blog Commenting Sites? Blog Commenting is a great way to connect Blog Users and Site Owners or Bloggers. You can also earn Niche Relevant Backlinks through Blog Commenting. Blog Commenting is one of the best Off-Page SEO Techniques which is preferred by an SEO Expert.

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Blog Readers leave Comments for the Site Owner as Questions and then they get a Proper Response from the Site Owner and also get a Quality backlink.

Since Blogging is one of the favorite Tasks of Digital Marketing Experts, similarly Blog Commenting is also one of the Important Tasks of Website Optimization Activities.

It is a true fact that people like to read Blogs and Articles on the web and this is the main reason for Blogging and Blog Commenting Tasks to gain huge popularity.

As we know today people are very passionately reading blogs on the web, so they like to comment in the comment box of the blog site.

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Let us now know through the article Blog Commenting Sites List what is blog commenting.

Choose Blog Posts Related to Your Niche

It’s essential to select only those blog commenting sites that are linked to your subject in order to reach your target audience. Your link profile will improve and your website’s traffic will increase as a result of posting relevant comments. You should explore these websites to do a Google search for your niche’s blog commenting websites:

  • Niche-related Keyword + “add your comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “submit your comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “add comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “submit comment”

Check these also:-

What is blog commenting?

Blog commenting is a way in which you can put your opinion or suggestion by writing a comment at the end of any blog post. This is a very popular and easy way to share your opinion with others.

Apart from this, there are other benefits of blog commenting. Blog commenting gives visibility to your blog, brings traffic to your website, and makes you a respected member of your niche. This increases the credibility of your blog and also builds a good relationship with your readers.

In blog commenting, you have to read a blog post and then give your suggestion, idea, or comment related to your experience. You want to make a good impression in the comments, so you must express your opinion properly. You should never fight or be rude in the comments.

Apart from this, after blog commenting, you can also leave a link to your blog. It gets a good backlink to your blog which is very useful for your SEO.

In this way, blog commenting is a very popular and useful way by which you can bring traffic and visibility to your blog.

Benefits of Blog Commenting:

Benefits of Blog Commenting
Benefits of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has many advantages. Below are some of the advantages:

1) Increased Visibility

Blog commenting is a good way to increase the visibility of your blog. When you comment on another blog, your profile and name are visible to the readers of that blog. This can get you, new readers.

2) Backlinks

Blog commenting can generate quality backlinks for your blog. When you comment on any blog, you can also share the link to your blog. It generates quality backlinks for your blog.

3) Networking

Blog commenting is a good way of networking for you. With this, you can connect with other bloggers related to your blog. With this, you can also do Collaborations for your blog.

4) Blog’s Traffic

Blog commenting can increase traffic to your blog. When you comment on a blog, the readers of that blog can visit your blog after reading your comment.

5) Better SEO

Blog commenting is good for the SEO of your blog. When you share the link of your blog on another blog then quality backlinks are generated for your blog. This can also improve the search engine ranking of your blog.

You Should also Improve your On-Page SEO as well.

6) Increases Knowledge

Blog commenting is also a good way for you to gain new ideas and knowledge. When you comment on the blog posts of other bloggers, you can learn about their views and knowledge.

Keeping all these blog commenting benefits in mind you can do blog commenting and generate quality traffic and backlinks for your blog.

Disadvantages of Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is a great way to share your opinions, thoughts, and knowledge with other people. But there are also some disadvantages that you should keep in mind. With the help of Blog commenting site articles, we will tell you some of its cons which are as follows:

  1. Spam Comments: Some logs also do spam comments through blog commenting, which reduces the value of the blog post. If you also comment spam then your credibility can be negatively affected.
  2. Irrelevant comments: If you do not comment related to the blog post, then your comment comes in the spam category. With this, your comment can be deleted and you can also get a negative response from the blog author.
  3. Time-consuming: Blog commenting is a time-consuming process. If you want to write a good comment then you have to read the post properly. This also consumes your time.
  4. No-follow links: Some blogs use no-follow links. You do not have to get backlinks from this. That’s why you should avoid commenting on no-follow links in excess.
  5. Risk of negative comments: If you comment against the blog post wrongly, then you can also get negative comments. This can also hurt your reputation.

Keeping all these disadvantages in mind, you should do blog commenting and interact with other people in a good way.

Let us now know about the list of High DA Blog Commenting Sites.

List of Blog Commenting Sites

  1. Findermaster Blog
  2. Advertise Era
  3. Shopolop Blog
  5. Gigantic list blog
  8. Freeadstime Blog

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List of Free Blog Commenting sites For Tech

  1. Copyblogger – DA 79
  2. Yoast SEO Blog – DA 77
  3. Techcopes – DA 76
  4. Neilpatel – DA 75
  5. QuickSprout – DA 73
  6. ShoutMeLoud – DA 68
  7. Backlinko – DA 67
  8. OnlineTechTips – DA 64
  9. Elegant Themes Blog – DA 61
  10. Problogger – DA 61
  11. AdvanceWebRanking – DA 61
  12. BloggingTips – DA 60
  13. SmartBlogger – DA 53
  14. AllBloggingTips – DA 49
  15. TroubleFixers – DA 48
  16. HubsAdda – DA 47
  17. ShoutMeTech – DA 46
  18. SuccessfulBlogging – DA 46
  19. TechLast – DA 44
  20. GotchSeo – DA 42

List of blog commenting sites For Health:

  1. 100DaysofRealFood – DA 63
  2. HiveHealthMedia   – DA 56
  3. HealthResource4u – DA 54
  4. AggiesKitchen – DA 51
  5. HealthBeckon – DA 51
  6. FitnessVsWeightLoss – DA 50
  7. TheMasterCleanse – DA 49
  8. WeightLossTriumph – DA 43
  9. HiveHealthMedia
  10. HealthResource4u
  11. AggiesKitchen
  12. HealthBeckon
  13. FitnessVsWeightLoss
  14. TheMasterCleanse
  15. WeightLossTriumph
  16. LiftforLife

List of blog commenting sites For Travel

  1. BoardingArea – DA 74
  2. GloabalGrasshopper – DA 52
  3. DangerousBuisness – DA 49
  4. ShaluSharma – DA 49
  5. VelvetEscape – DA 49
  6. InspiringTravellers – DA 46
  7. TheShootingStar – DA 45
  8. Lakshmi Sharath – DA 41
  9. SidTheWanderer – DA 40
  10. DangerousBuisness
  11. ShaluSharma
  12. VelvetEscape
  13. InspiringTravellers
  14. TheShootingStar
  15. IndiTales
  16. LakshmiSharat
  17. SidTheWanderer
  18. AnkiOnTheMove
  19. RomancingThePlanet
  20. TravelDiaryParnashree

List of blog commenting sites For Lifestyle

  1. Aha-Now – DA 44
  2. EverythingMom – DA 42
  3. Naina  – DA 33
  4. AkanshRedhu – DA 30
  5. SweetStyleBlog  – DA 29
  6. VanityNoApologies – DA 28
  7. Purushu – DA 26
  8. LookingGoodFeelingFab – DA 22

List of blog commenting sites For Finance

  1. MoneySavingMom – DA 73
  2. SavingAdvice – DA 64
  3. ChristianPf – DA 61
  4. ModestMoney – DA 54
  5. ManvsDebt – DA 52
  6. OneCentAtATime – DA 51
  7. FinancialHighway – DA 48
  8. OneMint – DA 47
  9. SafalNiveshak – DA 45
  10. SavingAdvice:  DA 62
  11. ChristianPf:  DA 55
  12. ComFree:  DA 49
  13. ModestMoney:  DA 53
  14. ManvsDebt: DA 57
  15. JagoInvester:  DA 47
  16. OneCentAtATime:  DA 58
  17. FinancialHighway: DA 55
  18. MoneyExcel:  DA 31

List of blog commenting sites For Education

  1. EHS – DA 95
  2. Penne – DA 92
  3. Writing-wise – DA 91
  4. OSU – DA 89
  5. – DA 88
  6. – DA 86
  7. ITC Blog – DA 81
  8. Iese Blog – DA 73
  9. Uww Blog – DA 72
  10. – DA 64
  11. – DA 62
  12. – DA 61

List of blog commenting sites For Foods

  1. 100daysofrealfood – DA 72
  2. Balancedbites – DA 61
  3. Appforhealth – DA 54
  4. Choosingraw– DA 52
  5. Aroundtheplate – DA 52
  6. Anutritionisteats – DA 34
  7. Bentolunch – DA 33
  8. Cybelepascal – DA 32
  9. Diabeticmediterraneandiet– DA 28
  10. Agirldefloured – DA 25
  11. Delicious-knowledge – DA 22
  12. Chewthefacts – DA 16
  13. Chocolate-broccoli– DA 11

List of Fashion blog commenting sites

  1. Livelaughdressup
  2. Styleapastiche
  3. Everylilthings
  4. Fashionmate
  5. Thatelegantchic
  6. Therightshadeofred
  7. Selestyme
  8. Wastedbyfashion
  9. Glamshutte
  10. Looksuave
  11. Wanderuffles
  12. Styleovercoffee
  13. Outoncatwalk
  14. Shanayas

How to find a high authority do follow List of Blog Commenting Sites?

  1. Use Google search operators: Use search operators like “blog comments” or “do follow” along with your niche keywords in Google search to find relevant blogs. For example, if you are looking for high authority do-follow blog comment sites related to marketing, you can search for “marketing blog comments” or “marketing dofollow blogs.”
  2. Use backlink analysis tools: You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz to find high-authority do-follow blog comment sites. These tools can help you analyze the backlink profile of any website and identify websites that allow do-follow blog comments.
  3. Look for blogs with engaged communities: Look for blogs with an active and engaged community. These blogs usually have a lot of comments, and they may allow do-follow links in their comments section.
  4. Check for the website’s domain authority: Use tools like Moz’s Domain Authority to check the domain authority of a website. Websites with higher domain authority are generally considered more authoritative and are more likely to allow dofollow links in their comments section.
  5. Analyze the website’s comments section: Check if the website allows dofollow links in its comments section. You can usually find this information in the website’s comments policy or by checking the HTML source code of the comments section.

 ➡ Note:  It’s essential to focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to blog commenting. Only comment on blogs that are relevant to your niche and add value to the conversation. Spammy comments may not only harm your SEO but can also damage your online reputation.

How To Search Blog Commenting Sites?

  • Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list
  • Online blog commenting sites
  • Fitness blog commenting websites
  • Packers movers blog commenting sites
  • Marketing blog commenting websites
  • Fitness blog commenting websites list
  • Free blog commenting websites list 2023
  • Education blog commenting websites list
  • Travel blog commenting websites
  • Education blog commenting websites list
  • Instant approval blog commenting websites list
  • Instant approval blog commenting websites
  • Blog commenting free websites
  • Blog commenting websites for SEO
  • Best blog commenting websites
  • Top blog commenting websites
  • Health blog commenting websites
  • Blog commenting website list
  • Digital marketing blog commenting websites
  • Blog commenting websites for real estate
  • Blog commenting sites with instant approval
  • Free blog commenting website
  • Blog commenting sites with high PR
  • Blog commenting websites for digital marketing
  • Education blog commenting sites

Why do relevant blog commenting?

Blog Commenting is a place where Readers can give their Relevant Responses to Blog.

It helps to show your interest in Blog, Bloggers, and Blog Related Topics.

 It also helps in getting High-Quality backlinks for Blog Comment Sites or Blog promotions with Readers’ Responses.

So, this factor is considered an important off-page activity in Search Engine Optimization.

Every business website or blog always needs a direct connection with the visitors and blog commenting is a way to bring you closer to your visitors.

Why comment section is important in a blog?

When people hire a web designer to create their online presence in the form of a blog or website, they ask the designer to create a section for visitors’ comments on the web page.

Because if there is no Comment Section on your Web Page for users to express their Comments or Responses.

So the web page looks incomplete and there is no place to add comments or responses.

So in this case it cannot connect you with your viewers.

To create a Strong Connection with a Targeted Audience, you must create a proper Website or Blog Site.

There should also be a comment section to comment or respond.

How to connect with people with the help of Blog Commenting Sites?

There are many Experts who use this Important Search Engine Optimization Activity and create Various High-Quality Backlinks.

There are many blog commenting sites available on the web which provide you a platform to add your comment and make a direct connection with the site owner or blog owner.

But how to use these sites?

This is also a very important question for new users but you should not worry about it.

Today I am going to share with you the exact way of using Blog Commenting Sites.

It is a very simple and effortless process but users need to follow it properly.

List of General blog commenting sites

 S.No.WebsiteBacklink Type

For which blog is blog commenting right?

Blog commenting can be perfect for any blog where you need an interactive platform where you can share your thoughts and opinions with others. With blog commenting, you can also generate backlinks for your blog, which helps in improving the search engine ranking of your blog.

Therefore, you should make Niche comments on blog posts related to any blog post or related to your interest. With this, you also create communication with other bloggers and can build a community.

One more thing that you have to keep in mind is that while commenting specifically for any blog post, comment related to its content. If you comment about any other topic then it can be considered as spamming. So, always comment about the topic and share your comment with others.

How To Use Blog Commenting Sites?

  1. Find the website with Highest Page Rank by searching on Search Engines.
  2. Choose a Blog Niche that is related to the Niche of your site.
  3. Read the blog properly and try to know the thoughts and feelings of the blogger.
  4. After reading the blog, move your cursor to the bottom of that page.
  5. Now you will reach such a section of the website where you will have a Comment Box Show.
  6. You will be shown in the Blocks Comment Section of Name, Email, Website, and Comment.
  7. Complete all the blocks with detail and write about the blog in the comment that you have experienced.
  8. Now you have to click on the button to Submit.

If you follow all these steps one by one, then definitely you will get success in the work of posting comments for Blogs or Websites. With these steps, anyone can express their opinion and opinion about the blog and become a viewer of the blog. But how to choose sites with high page rank for new users is also a big task.

To find the right sites, you have to analyze each site one by one and choose the best site among other sites. Users need to be cautious about the blog commenting work with choosing the site. Now we are going to share with you some essential tips about this important SEO task.

Important steps for blog commenting

Blog commenting is a process in which you comment on a niche of a blog post. This is a great way to share your opinion, thoughts, and knowledge with other people. With blog commenting, you can also generate traffic and backlinks for your blog.

Given below are some steps that will help you to blog commenting:

1) Read the blog post well

First of all, you have to read the blog post well so that you will know about the post well. With this, you can get the form of a good comment.

2) Take the form of a comment

The main purpose of commenting is to share your thoughts and opinions with other people. That’s why a good comment is one in which your opinion is expressed.

3) Make relevant comments

Commenting also means replying to other people’s comments. With this, communication will also be good. So whenever you comment, keep your comment related to the blog post.

4) Add a personal touch

If you connect with something in the blog post, you can relate the topic to your own life. This will make your comment valuable to other people.

5) Use Polite and Respectful language

Always use polite and respectful language and do not hurt other people in any way. Always talk User-Friendly in the Comment Box. You do not need to use heavy words or tough language in the comment. You should post a comment like talking with others.

6) Share your blog link

By sharing your blog link in the comments, you can generate traffic and backlinks for your blog.

7) Social Media Sharing

Share your blog post on social media so that people can interact with your blog post

#Bonus Tips

All Points alert you about the essential facts of Blog Commenting Sites which you should adopt in your Blog Commenting Tasks and make your Tasks perfect.

Now you can understand that the Blog Commenting Task is not as difficult as other Tasks of Search Engine Optimization but you have to be cautious while working on this Task.

As we know there are many Tasks in SEO but Blog Commenting is a completely different and easy task.

Here you do not need to write big content like an article or description, you just have to read a little content but stick to the correct and alive topic that you read in the blog.

How easy is it to use Blog Commenting Sites?

So if you are a new user and want to learn something about Blog Commenting Tasks and Blog Commenting Sites then surely you have learned about these topics in this article.

So…whenever you want to start Blog Commenting Tasks then follow all the shown steps in this article to use the sites and also ensure the facts which we have discussed above.

This is the one and only task that can give you a huge amount of backlinks for your blog or website.

So with this easy task, increase your online presence and drive new viewers to your website or blog.


Question 1. What is blog commenting?

Answer: Blog commenting is the process by which you comment on a blog post. This is a great way to share your opinion, thoughts, and knowledge with other people. With blog commenting, you can also generate traffic and backlinks for your blog.

Question 2. What is the goal of blog commenting?

Answer: The goal of blog commenting is to share your thoughts and opinions with other people, create interaction with others, and generate backlinks and traffic to your blog.

Question 3. What is the benefit of commenting on a blog?

Answer: With blog commenting you can generate backlinks and traffic for your blog. Apart from this, you can also build communication with other bloggers. For more benefits, you can read the Blog Commenting Sites List article from the benefits section.

Question 4. What are the disadvantages of commenting on a blog?

Answer: If you make Niche irrelevant comments of any other blog post, then your comment can be considered spamming. That’s why always comment related to the blog post. To know more disadvantages, you can read the Blog Commenting Sites List in an article from the disadvantages section.

Question 5. What to keep in mind for blog commenting?

Answer: In blog commenting, keep in mind that your comment is Relevant and create communication with others. Always use polite and respectful language.

Question 6. Is there any time limit for blog commenting?

Answer: No, there is no time limit for blog commenting. You can comment related to the Niche of the blog post anytime.

Question 7. How to generate backlinks from blog commenting?

Answer: Share your blog link with your comment. With this, you can generate backlinks for your blog.

Question 8. What is the benefit of blog commenting in SEO ranking?

Answer: Blog commenting generates backlinks for your blog which helps in improving the search engine ranking of your blog.


So Guys, now you must have got a Huge List of Blog Commenting Sites with the help of a Blog Commenting Sites List article.

With the help of a Blog Commenting Site List, you can improve the ranking of your blog as well as drive Targeted Traffic to your blog.

At the End! I hope you have liked this article very much and that this will boost your online presence.

So if this article is helpful for you, then definitely share it with your friends or social media.

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