Blog Commenting Sites List
Blog Commenting Sites List

Best 1000+ Blog Commenting sites list 2023 [ High DA ] Verified

Free 1000+ Best List of Blog Commenting Sites [ High DA ] 2023

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Best dofollow Free blogs commenting Sites

Blog Commenting Sites
Blog Commenting Sites
S.No.Blogspot Blog CommentingYear


How to make comments on Blog to get Backlinks and Traffic

How to comment on Blog? There is a comment box on every blogger’s blog, and you also comment on other’s blogs. But do all bloggers approve of your comment?

If not, have you ever thought that why bloggers do not approve of your comments?

How to make comments on Blog to get Backlinks and Traffic

How to comment on Blog? There is a comment box on every blogger’s blog, and you also comment on other’s blog. But do all bloggers approve your comment?

If not, have you ever thought that why bloggers do not approve your comments?

Because there are many ways to comment on the blog. But most bloggers comment on other blog only to get backlinks and traffic. And it is also true that comments get backlinks and traffic. But for this your comments have to be approved.

So on this post I will tell you about how to comment on the blog. Which bloggers will also approve and you will also get traffic & backlinks.

How to make comments on Blog

Before commenting on any blog, you need to know that what kind of comments bloggers do not like and what kind of comments they approve on their blog.

If you understand these 2 things very well, then I am sure, you can increase the traffic of your blog even by commenting on other bloggers’ blogs.

Many people comment on the blog post like this,

“Nice Info”
“Nice Article”
“Thanks For Sharing”
“Useful Post”
“Great Share”

Which is not correct at all. No one approves of such comments. Because you have not written anything related to the post on this. And you have commented just to get backlinks. So bloggers add such comments to the Spam list.

  • How to Add a Professional Comment Box on a Blog

If you do daily comments on many blogs like those mentioned above, then you are just wasting your time. Because no one approves of such comments.

Or even if you comment just 2-3 words on every post of any blog, you can never make a good relationship with that blogger.

But if you comment on the blog. Or on the post on which you comment, you write some such words which help other bloggers. So whether you want to comment only 1 on a blog.

Your comment will have value. And you will also have a good relationship with those bloggers i.e. on whose blog you have commented. And they will also approve your comment.

Benefits of Commenting on Blog

You must have understood how to comment on another blog. Let us now know about some of the benefits that you get from commenting on the blog.

Increase Your Blog Traffic

When you make a good comment on others’ blogs, then there is a lot of traffic increase on your blog. And this is possible when you do value-added comments on other bloggers’ blogs and your comment helps other bloggers as well.

Only then they will visit your blog. And the traffic of your blog will also increase.

Backlinks will increase

When you comment on others’ blogs and add links to your blog, then you get backlinks from the visitors who come to your blog from those links.

So whenever you comment on a blog, then you comment on the blogs of the related niche of your blog and the blog which has quality and domain authority.

Which you will also get high quality backlinks for the blog.

That’s why you should always comment in such a way that it helps others and Nice Post, you have shared good information, Thanks For Sharing, etc type comments never do.

Because you will not get anything from it and only your precious time will be wasted. And if you add some information on the comment through which others get help, then every blogger will approve your comment. And you will also get traffic with backlinks.

Final Words

Use the blog’s comments box to help other bloggers. And do not use it for your post or blog promotion. Only then you will get good backlinks and high traffic. And never post on your comments or add links to .Blogspot blog. Because no one approves .blogspot domain and your post added comments. And add them to the list of spam or trash.

Finally, now don’t forget to tell me how did you like this information about how to comment on the blog?

Or if you have any questions then comment in the below comment box.

I would be happy to help you.

High DA Free Blog Commenting Sites List

Free blogs commenting Sites
Free blogs commenting Sites
  • Copyblogger: DA 78
  • Yoast SEO Blog: DA 79
  • Backlinko: DA 63
  • SmartPassiveIncome: DA 66
  • JustaGirlandHerBlog: DA 59
  • DA 59
  • Elegant Themes Blog: DA 90
  • Problogger: DA 77
  • AdvanceWebRanking: DA 55
  • DA 51
  • DA 54
  • Matthew Woodward: DA 52
  • DA 53
  • MelyssaGriffin: DA 58
  • SmartBlogger: DA 58
  • Blog: DA 42
  • BloggingBasics101: DA 50
  • DA 49
  • DA 40
  • DA 47
  • Niche Pursuits: DA 52
  • HellBound Bloggers (HBB): DA 48
  • DA 47
  • DA 40
  • BloggerIdeas: DA 47
  • BloggingFromParadise: DA 43
  • DA 46
  • MasterBlogging Blog: DA 46
  • DA 44
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog: DA 59
  • Authority Hacker: DA 49
  • DA 43
  • RobbieRichards: DA 41
  • Inspire to Thrive: DA 39
  • DA 41
  • GotchSeo: DA 40
  • DA 43
  • Human Proof Designs: DA 42
  • Philipscom: DA 37
  • CloudLiving: DA 37
  • BloggingX Blog: DA 36
  • Yaro Blog: DA 55

Blog commenting Sites List For Technology

  • OnlineTechTips: DA 73
  • Trak: DA 64
  • AllTechBuzz: DA 58
  • TechWalls: DA 57
  • TroubleFixers: DA 49
  • CallingAllGeeks: DA 41
  • ShoutMeTech: DA 35
  • ITechCode: DA 38
  • TechLast: DA 40

List Of High DA Health And Fitness Blog Commenting Websites

  • 100DaysofRealFood: DA 65
  • HiveHealthMedia: DA 51
  • HealthResource4u: DA 41
  • AggiesKitchen: DA 56
  • HealthBeckon: DA 53
  • FitnessVsWeightLoss: DA 35
  • Diabetes Strong: DA 52

List Of High DA Education Blog Commenting Sites List

  • IESE Blog Network: DA 70
  • Smart Bitches Trashy Book: DA 60
  • The Book Smugglers: DA 56
  • Modern Mrs Darcy: DA 55
  • DA 46

Blog Commenting Sites For Fashion


List Of High DA Travel Blogs For Doing Blog Commenting

  • TheShootingStar: DA 52
  • LakshmiSharat: DA 42
  • TravelDiaryParnashree: DA 35

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