Search Engines Lists
Search Engines Lists

100 Search Engines Lists – World’s Top Best Search Engines

What is Search Engine? explain

Before Going to the Search Engines Lists first Know What is a search engine? It is a web software application accessed with the help of the Internet, which fetches the most useful information from the information available on the World Wide Web (www) and shows it to the person searching.

It is not at all necessary that Google and Yahoo look the same. Websites like Twitter and Facebook can also be called search engines if the number of people searching on them is sufficient.

Presumably, you must have understood the search engines very well, so let’s now see the list of hundred search engines in the world.

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Name of Top 10 Search Engines Lists (Top Global Search Engines)

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1) Google search engine (google site search)

Google is the most used search engine in the world, which was created by the name of Serge Brin and Larry Page Backrub, which was later changed to Google, its company started on September 4, 1998, and today’s market share of Google is 92 There is a percentage and there are 6.9 billion searches on Google every day.

2) Microsoft Bing Search Engine (Microsoft Bing)

Bing search engine is Microsoft’s search engine, which was created in the year 2006, whose old name was Windows Live Search, and today its market share is 2 percent, which is much less than Google, and it receives 900 million searches daily. is done.

3) Yahoo Search Engine (Yahoo!)

Yahoo search engine comes in third place against the total search engines, which has a market share of 1.51 percent. Yahoo search engine was started by Stanford University students Jerry Yang and David Filo in the year 1994 but launched it in the year 1995.

4) Baidu Chinese Search Engine

Baidu search engine China interface
image- DragonSocial
Baidu search engine is a Chinese company with a 1.17 percent share in the world marketing share. Baidu is used by about 77% of Internet users in China. It was included in the Internet in January 2022.

5) Yandex Search Engine (Yandex Russian Search Engine)

Yandex search engine is mostly used in Russia and European countries, it has a 42% market share in Russia, which is the second largest search engine in Russia. And now there is a share of 1.6% in the whole world, about 20 million people search on it daily. Yandex was discovered in 1993.

6) DuckDuckGo Privacy Search Engine

This search engine was created on 25 September 2008. This search engine is very famous due to its privacy and fast-growing search, its current market share is 0.68%. There are around 98.79 million searches daily on the DuckDuckGo search engine.

7) Search Engine ( )

Ask Search Engine was created in the year 1996 and today its market share is 0.42%, it is also a great engine.

If any user puts his question on this search engine, he gets its answer.

8. Youtube Search Engines

Monthly three billion searches are done on YouTube search engine, it is the world’s largest video search engine. Which uploads 300 hours of video content every minute

Youtube Search Engines
Youtube Search Engines

9) All Search Engine ( AOL )

The AOL search engine has a worldwide market share of 0.06%, which ranks ninth in the list of top hundred search engines. It came in 1985 for the first time in our internet world.

10). Seznam search engine ( Seznam )

For the first time in the world, Seznam was brought in the year 1996 by Lvo Lukakovic. It started with the Yellow Pages and Internet editions.

Search Engines Names

11. Search Engine ( )

It is mostly used to get information quickly on the web.

12. Dogpile Meta Search

This search engine derives its information from big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

13. Start page search engine

This search engine is the same search engine as Google, which has a global market share of 0.02%.

14. Ecosia Search Engine ( Ecosia )

This search engine has made its share of 0.01% in the world market, it is a Berlin based search engine, this search engine invests 80% of its revenue in the protection of trees and plants.

15. Search encrypt search engine

This is a search engine that pays great attention to the privacy of the user.

16. Swisscows Search Engine

The world got its first introduction to this search engine in the year 2014.

And it keeps the user’s data safe and secure.

17. Brave Privacy Search

The brave search engine is amazing and a great platform that allows using many features like Google and Bing.

18. Slideshare Search Engine

This search engine is an ideal search engine that is mostly used to download or send any document.

19. Twitter Search Engine (Twitter)

Twitter is built for trending news and real-time data with 1.6 billion queries per day

20) Naver Search Engine (Naver)

This search engine has a 0.16% market share in the whole world and the same is 74.7% in South Korea. It is a well-known search engine in South Korea that shows the results in their own language.

21. Facebook Search Engine (Facebook)

It is mostly used to find a person, place, or business, 40,000 searches are done every second on its search engine. The Facebook search engine was first launched in the year 2013.

22. Pinterest Search Engine (Image Search Engine)

This search engine was launched in the year 2010, which is a social media platform where people mostly search for heavy content, designed so that five billion searches are done every month.

23. Gibiru Search Engine ( Gibiru )

The special thing about this search engine is that if we are searching for any information then it is impossible to track it.

23. Reddit Search Engine (Reddit)

It is a social news website and it is also a discussion website on which 48 million users are active every month.

24. Gigablast Search Engine (Gigablast)

It is a search engine that uses encryption and provides real-time indexing.

25. Kidrex Search Engine

Google operates the site of this search engine and this search engine has been made for the safety of children and families.

26. Linkedin Search Engine

If understood in simple language, it is done for opportunities, jobs, or audiences in any field or for any type of research paper, case study, or educational course.

27. Boardreader Search Engine

The Boardreader engine is a search engine similar to Google that displays users’ insights and opinions.

28. Blog Search Engine (Blog)

In this search engine, we can easily find more than 40000 blogs.

29. Scribd Search Engine (Scribd)

This search engine is a great platform to find any newspaper, e-book, audiobook, music, podcast, and document.

30. Wolfram Alpha Search Engine

With this search engine, we can find the answers to any of our questions directly on our home page, it was launched in the year 2009.

31. Flickr Search Engine (Flickr)

It is a great platform to download or share any type of digital media like photos or videos.

32. Crunchbase Search Engine

With the help of the Crunch Base search engine, we can extract information about any public company.

33. Mojik Search Engine (Mojeek)

This search engine reaches the right information without tracking any user’s data.

34. Google Scholar Search Engine (Google Scholar)

In simple language, it is an academic library where presentations, books, research papers are included.

35. Sogou Search Engine
The Sogou search engine has a market share of 0.03% in the world. Monthly 650 million users are active on this search engine.

36. TinEye Search Engine

This is the best search engine for searching images which allows uploading of photos or images

37. Oscobo Search Engine ( oscobo )

oscobo search engine to see results of london market

38. Good Search Search Engine

It enables the user to donate while searching for information on the internet and after your search it donates Rs.0.01 to the charity.

39. Socialseeking search engine

In a word, it is a tool where we can access many types of social media.

40. Who’s talking search engine

This search engine allows discussion on 60 social media sites spanning a wide range of topics.

41. Ahmia Search Engine (Ahmia)

This is a tool to find resources present in TOR browser.

42. Shodan Search Engine

This search engine helps to find many servers connected to the Internet.

43. Metacrawler Search Engine (Metacrawler)

This search engine is an easy search engine to find news, videos, images.

44. Wiki Search Engine (Wiki)
A wiki search engine is a search engine that aggregates information from all wikis on the web and displays it to users.

45. Web crawler search engine
A web crawler search engine is a platform to get photos, and video links.

46. ​​You Search Engine ( You )

Your search engine is a private engine that allows use without any advertisements (ads).

48. Q Mamu Search Engine ( Qmamu )

This is the first search engine of our country India which was made in the year.

49. Quintura Search Engine (Quintu)

This search engine is very different from other search engines, here instead of typing in the search bar, there are images.

50. Rambler Search Engine

It is a Russian web portal where users can find news, web pages and images.

51. Scrub the web search engine

This is the search engine of Russia country, we can access web pages, images, news on this search engine.

52. Go Search Engine (Goo)

This search engine of Japan country shows the results in its own language, in this we can see blogs, videos and all sites.

53. Walla Search Engine

This search engine is a major search engine in Israel, which is used to serve online service, news or mail.

54. Kiddle Search Engine

This search engine is designed for small children, where there is suitable content according to their age, so that children interact quickly.

55. Das Oertliche Search Engine

This is the search engine of German country which is used for local search.

56. Quant Search Engine ( Qwant )
About 10 million searches are done daily on this search engine. But it has a share of 0.03% in the world market.

57. Answer Search Engine (Answer)

It is a famous search engine to answer your questions and take you to the solutions according to your query.

58. Fagan Finder Search Engine

With the help of this search engine, we can easily determine the right search tools. Because it breaks the listed search tools.

59. Peek You Search Engine

This search engine collects information about people connected in different social media so that we can contact someone online.

60. News Lookup Search Engine (Newslookup)

We can know about it from its name itself that it provides news quickly and correctly.

61. Similar site search

It directs users to related or alternative websites

62. Blackle Search Engine

This search engine is operated by Google, in this we use it to find images and web pages.

63. Blink x Search Engine

This search engine was created in the year 2004, in which today there are 530 partners, it is a type of video search engine.

64. One look search engine

This search engine is mostly used to know the meaning of words.

65. AZ Lyrics Search Engine

On this search engine, we can extract the lyrics of any of our favorite songs.

66. One Search Search Engine

It is a search engine created by Microsoft Bing which does not track any user’s search history or that user, it is a private search engine.

67. Anoox Search Engine (Anoox)

This search engine allows user to send any site, discover, or discuss anything and it is non profit site and social search engine.

68. Lycos Search Engine (Lycos)

The existence of this search engine came in the world from the year 1994, in this there is a search engine and web portal to navigate web pages on the Internet.

69. Bloglines Search Engine

Blog line search engine helps to track or find blogs of any category like health, tech, web, beauty and other types.

70. Alexa internet search engine
It is a helping company of Amazon to provide traffic information. It is closed now.

71. Elephind Search Engine

All types of news are present in this search engine, which helps us to get the right information, in this we can also see all the historical news.

72. Digg Search Engine

This is a social networking and news website where news features are presented.

73. Quora Search Engine (Quora)

It is a website of questions and answers which has the capacity to answer in real time.74. Metager Search Engine

It filters many search engines to show results to the user. This is a German search engine.

75. Wikimedia Commons Search Engine (wikimedia)

Wikimedia is a completely free engine that can be accessed by anyone, it contains 81000000 media files.

76. Pixbay Search Engine (Pixabay)

Images in this search engine can be used without any restrictions

77. Unslapsh Search Engine

This is an image search engine where we can access free pictures.

78. Vimeo Search Engine (Vimeo)

This engine was created in the year 2004, which is used to search any type of video.

79. Dailymotion Search Engine

Daily Motion was created in the year 2005 and today it is available in 183 languages. Which is a French video sharing platform.

80. Egerin Search Engine

This engine provides Kurdish people with news, videos, webpages in their own Kurdish language.

81. Bit Tube Search Engine

But Tube is a video sharing platform similar to youtube where you can upload any video you want.

82. Spokeo Search Engine

83. Investopedia Search Engine

84. Search Engine ( )

It can be used to access any news, web pages and videos from around the world.

85. Food Blog Search Engine (Food Blog Search Engine)

We can find any type of recipe on this search engine

And we can also learn how to make that recipe

86. Skiplagged Search Engine

In the Skiplagged engine, a traveler can find the right flight according to his distance.

87. SAPO Search Engine (SAPO)

This engine works to show blogs, news photos to any user.


88. Infinity Search Engine

Infinity search engine allows us to customize CSS according to our needs, with this we can also block any website.


89. Live Plasma Search Engine


The Live Plasma search engine is a visual discovery engine where you can find music, artists, and more.


90. Local Search Engine ( local )

This search engine is a wonderful tool that gives information about the trending things going on in our local area.


91. Pronto Search Engine ( pronto )

Pronto is commonly used to extract information, it is a very simple and clean search engine.


92. Federated Search Engine

Federated search engines display a single query from several different data bases, and each of these sources is a separate query.


93. Page rank search engine

PageRanker was created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1996 as a research project about a new type of search engine.


94. Chacha Search Engine (Chacha)
It is named after the Chinese word ‘pinyin Wade-Giles’ which literally means search, it was created in the year 2006


95. Ask me Now Search Engine

It was launched in the year 2005 by Irwin, a California company and was later discontinued in the year 2008.


96. All the web search engine

This search engine was started in the year 1999, whose goal was to reach the site content to the user as soon as possible compared to other search engines.


97. Botseer Search Engine (Bot seer)

Initially it was provided at the College of Information Science and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University.


98. Hakia Search Engine (Hakia)

It was a kind of internet search engine which was established by Hakia in the year 2004 but it stopped working in the year 2015.


99. File Tube Search Engine

It was a meta search engine that specialized in sharing and searching various files, including software, songs, videos, games.


100. Pikimal search engine


Picmal engine or say decision engine because it uses user input for the result of a query.

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