How to Start Dropshipping for free
How to Start Dropshipping for free

How to Start Dropshipping for free in 2024- Best Explanation

📌What is a Dropshipping business? What is Dropshipping?

If You are keen and interested to know about How to start Dropshipping For Free, then you are at the right place. Dropshipping is a type of business model, that is related to online business, and in Dropshipping business, any person without buying any products can sell them to customers at high prices and earn profits.

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If drop shipping is understood in more simple words, when a customer orders a product online, the dropshipping company sends the order of that product to its retailer and that retailer sends that product directly to the customer. Let’s Start Understanding How To Start A Dropshipping Business For Beginners.

👉How does the Dropshipping Business work?

To do this business online, there is no need to do any kind of Inventory Maintenance, nor is there a need for any store, or warehouse to keep the products. Apart from this, in the Dropshipping business, you neither have to face the trouble of delivering the ordered products to the customers.

In dropshipping business mainly the products you sell, you are not the owner of those products. Actually, in this business, you open your online store or sell your products in association with any other shopping website.
Through your online store, you can sell many types of products and when the order to buy those products comes to you, you send that order to the supplier who sells that product. After which that supplier supplies that product on behalf of your company.

What is Dropshipping
What is Dropshipping

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👉How to Earn Money Through Dropshipping?

Through Dropshipping, you have to extract your profit only from the products that are bought by your customers. That is, if the wholesale price of a product is Dollar 100$ and you sell it for Dollar 120$, then you will make a profit of Dollar 20$ on the sale of that product.

That’s why whatever product you sell through the site, its price should be much less than its selling price. So that you can earn a good profit by selling those products.

Apart from this, many companies also add shipping charges to the wholesale price of their products, while some companies charge shipping charges separately from you and you have to pay this shipping charge from your profits. That’s why most people already add shipping charges to the selling price of their product so that their profits are not reduced. At the same time, some people take shipping charges separately from the customers.

👉How to Start Dropshipping for free?

Dropshipping might be your ticket to success if you’re keen to enter the world of e-commerce without having to incur significant upfront fees. This manual explains how to launch a successful dropshipping business from scratch without spending any money. You’ll learn the essential steps to establish your business for free, from choosing the appropriate products to improving your web presence.

1. Choosing Products That Are More Profitable

Your product selection is the basis of a successful dropshipping business. Start your journey by thoroughly researching the market utilizing resources like Google Trends and forums for your particular area. Find goods with a high demand-to-supply ratio that will have a good profit margin.

2. Managing Supplier Alliances

Form strategic partnerships with reliable vendors who support your commitment to excellence and client pleasure. Utilize well-known websites like AliExpress or Oberlo to connect with vendors who provide dropshipping services. Give those with excellent reviews and quick shipping a higher ranking.

3. Designing an Addicting Online Store

Your online storefront is your key to luring and keeping clients. When developing your online presence, choose user-friendly systems like Shopify or WooCommerce. Make navigation simple for visitors and emphasize clear, intuitive design.

4. Insightful Product Descriptions

Create product descriptions that enthrall as well as enlighten. Use persuading language and emphasize the advantages of each item. Addressing their problems and providing remedies through your products will help you engage your audience.

5. SEO Magic Mastery

Activate the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the visibility of your store. To find relevant search phrases, conduct keyword research using programs like SEMrush or Moz. To improve your website’s search rankings, seamlessly incorporate these keywords into your product titles, descriptions, and blog entries.

6. Creating a Reputable Brand

Building trust is crucial in the world of online shopping. Make a polished and unified brand identity, complete with an eye-catching logo and a dependable color palette. Utilize client feedback and testimonials as social evidence to inspire trust in future customers.

7. Making Use of Social Media’s Power

Use social media’s dynamic environment to your advantage. Use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to exhibit your products through eye-catching imagery. Create a network of devoted customers by interacting with your audience through postings and tales.

8. Providing Top-Notch Customer Service

By providing exceptional customer service, you can set your Dropshipping company apart. Respond to questions, issues, and updates on orders without delay. To foster enduring relationships with your clientele, strive to go above and beyond expectations and address problems quickly.

9. Analytics: Your Road to Excellence

Analyzing data will help you improve your dropshipping strategy over time. Track website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates with technologies like Google Analytics. Learn from what is working so you can adjust your strategy.

10. Increasing Your Triumph

Look into expanding as your dropshipping business obtains traction. Profits should be reinvested in expanding your product line, investigating new marketing strategies, and improving the consumer experience. Your allies on the path to sustainable growth will be persistent work and strategic preparation.

dropshipping Model
Dropshipping Model

🔶Drop shipping Suppliers

Drop shipping business cannot be done without the help of a Dropshipping supplier and to sell any kind of product you need a Dropshipping supplier. That’s why you should know very well who is the Dropshipping supplier and what is his role in the Dropshipping business.

🔶Who is Dropshipping Suppliers?

A Dropshipping supplier is a person whose goods you sell online through your site. In fact, to start the business of drop shipping, you first have to choose the product that you want to sell and then contact the dropshipping supplier of that item, who works to sell that product.

After meeting the supplier of the product you have chosen, you have to decide at what price, in what manner, and within how many days he will deliver the goods to the person whose order you will place.

📌What is the Role of a dropshipping supplier?

After the deal related to selling his products from the dropshipper supplier, he would give you approval to sell your products on your website or any other website and you can sell the photos of his products by putting them on the website. After which as soon as you get the order for that product, you send that order to your dropshipper supplier and then he sends that product to the customer who has ordered that product.

However, there are also many such dropshipper suppliers, who deliver goods of inferior quality to your customers. That’s why you have to choose such a supplier after thinking very carefully, who will deliver only the right quality products to your customers.

📌How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Selecting the right dropshipping supplier is a very difficult task and all this business is based on the dropshipper supplier. If you choose the wrong dropshipping supplier, then your business will be closed before it starts. At the same time, information has been given below about what is important to keep in mind while choosing a dropshipping supplier.

1.) Certified Drop shippers

You will find many such dropshipper suppliers, who will be working to sell the products that you would like to sell through drop shipping. Therefore, whatever drop shipper supplier you choose, you must check whether it is a certified drop shipper supplier or not. If he turns out to be a certified dropshipping supplier, then only deal with him.

2.) Check Products

Check the products made or sold by the dropshipping supplier whose products you are thinking of selling. And if you think his products are right then deal with him. On the other hand, if you do not find the quality of its product right, then it would be wise not to do business with it. Because if you sell poor-quality products to your customers, then your drop shipping business will only suffer.

3.) Contact More Dropshipper Suppliers

If you search for dropshipping suppliers selling any product online, then you will find thousands of such dropshippers who will be associated with this business. And in such a situation it becomes a bit difficult for you to choose any one dropshipper supplier.

Apart from this, some of these dropshipper suppliers are also such suppliers, who sell fake goods and in this case, more care has to be taken in choosing the right dropshipper supplier. That’s why you try to contact as many dropshipper suppliers as possible and then deal with only those dropshipper suppliers who are trustworthy.

4.) Easy Return Policy

Many times it happens that customers do not like the product sent by you and they wish to return that product. That’s why the return policy of your dropshipping supplier should be very easy so that neither you nor your customer have many problems in returning the product.

5.) Setup fees or monthly fees

Many dropshipping suppliers call themselves certified dropshipping suppliers and ask you for a setup fee or a monthly fee to do business with you. But in reality, this does not happen and no fee is asked by any certified supplier. So if any drop shipper supplier asks you for any kind of fee, then do not deal with them.

6.) Give you the product at the right price

In Dropshipping business, profit is earned by selling the product. Therefore, you should work with that drop shipper supplier, who will give you their product at a low wholesale price, so that you can get more profit.

How to start dropshipping business for free
How to start a Dropshipping business for free

📌Dropshipping Products List?

Many types of products can be sold through drop shipping and earn good profits and the names of these products are as follows.

1.) Computer Accessories

Computer accessories are sold by many drop shipping companies and are one of the most popular products. People are constantly looking to upgrade their computers and technology and often buy new hardware. That’s why you can sell products related to computer accessories through drop shipping.

2.) Beauty Product

Most people buy beauty products online, so if you want, you can also consider selling these products. Also, products related to beauty are used soon and hence they are bought a lot.

3.) Clothing

Shopping for clothes is also done by people mostly online nowadays, so if you want, you can sell many types of clothes through online dropshipping and keep their prices according to your own.

If you want to sell clothes through Dropshipping, then you also have to decide what kind of clothes you want to sell, such as Indian Wear or Western Wear. Along with this, you also have to decide what kind of clothes you want to sell. Try selling readymade clothes. Because by doing this all kinds of people will be able to connect with your website.

4.) Mobile

Cellphone is such a thing, which is used by every class of person. Therefore, you can also consider selling cell phones through dropshipping. Cellphones are sold by many companies in the market, so you have to contact the retailer and manufacturer of all these companies and sell cell phones of all brands.

5.) Generic Drugs

Nowadays, medicines are also bought by people online and hence you can do the work of selling medicines online.
Medicine is such a thing, which is very important, that’s why their demand is high all the time. That’s why selling them through Dropshipping will prove to be beneficial.

6.) Books

The next product you can choose to do a Dropshipping business is Books. You have to decide what type of books you want to sell, such as books related to children books related to older people, or stationery shop items.

7.) Toys

You can also sell goods related to children through the Dropshipping business and for this, you will have to meet the manufacturers of toys or the wholesalers who sell them. Make a deal with the wholesaler who is ready to sell you this face at a low price.

8.) Furniture

Dropshipping business of furniture items like sofa, chair and table can also be opened. However, the cost of shipping these goods is high, so if you want, you can add this shipping cost to the price of these goods or take it directly from the customers who order these goods.

📌Benefits of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the very profitable businesses and there are so many benefits associated with this business that this business is being started by a lot of people. Some of its advantages are shown below.

🔶 It is quite easy to set up this business

It is very easy to do this business as compared to other businesses and there is no need to take any kind of education or training to do dropshipping business. With just a little understanding and hard work, Dropshipping business can be done easily.

1.) Low Capital Investment

Starting a drop shipping business requires very little capital investment. Therefore, dropshipping business is a good option for those who want to start a business with low investment. To do this business, you just have to bear the cost of creating a website.

2.) Low Risk

To start this business, a person just has to contact a retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer and sell the goods made by them online without buying from them. Therefore, if a person starts this business and for some reason, this business is not successful, then in such a situation that person does not suffer much loss.

3.)Have Less Responsibility

To start a Dropshipping business, you are not responsible for purchasing any inventory, maintaining it, and shipping the ordered products.

4.) Wide Selection of Products

The business of Dropshipping is a business related to selling products and any kind of products can be sold through this business. That’s why you have options to sell a lot of products while starting a dropshipping business. Out of which you have to select the products which you want to sell through your website.

5.) You can earn money sitting at home

Just as employment is available for women or housewives sitting at home in today’s time, similarly dropshipping business can be started from any place and no special place or office is required to do this business. It happens. Any person can do dropshipping business from his home, just he should have a laptop or computer.

6.) You can start this business alone

Dropshipping business is one of those businesses that do not require any kind of labor or employees. Because of this you do not have to depend on anyone, as well as you are saved from the expenses of paying your salary every month.

📌How to Start to Drop Shipping Business

Dropshipping business can be done in two ways, under the first method, you can create your website and start your dropshipping business. Whereas under the second method, you can do business with an online shopping website such as eBay or by Associating with Amazon.

There are many famous websites with which you can work, and out of these websites, eBay and Amazon are the most famous online companies, with which you can do your dropshipping business.

Starting a Dropshipping Business Through Your Website (Dropshipping With Your Online Store)

Instead of selling products through third-party sites like Amazon and eBay, you can set up your online store. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of opening your online store which are as follows.

📌Benefits of opening your own online store

1.) Have more control

Opening your online store gives you more control over your work and you don’t have to depend on third-party sites. That’s why it is more beneficial to do Dropshipping business through your website.

2.) Self-identity

By starting your website, you not only have more control over your products, but with the help of the website, your business also gets an identity. And the way websites like Amazon and eBay are famous among people, similarly your website can also become famous.

3.) No need to pay any fee

The other advantage of doing this business by creating your own website is related to the fee. By creating your website, you do not have to pay any kind of fees to the third party, which means that only you have the right on your profit.

📌Disadvantages associated with opening your Online Store

1.) Have to work harder

Creating your website is not an easy task and if you create your website then it would cost you more and you would have to work hard. Also, while making your website, you have to pay special attention to the look, name, and other things of your website. Because if your website is not very attractive then your website will not be liked by the people and due to this your business will suffer.

2.) It takes time to set up a website

There are already many such shopping websites that have established themselves well in this business. So when you create your website, it will take a lot of time for your website to be set up.

3.) Will have to invest more money

To increase the traffic of your site, you have to resort to things like SEO, marketing and advertising and it costs money to do so. Therefore, if you do dropshipping business through your website, then you will have to add the cost of these things to your budget.

📌Benefits of Starting Dropshipping Business with a Website

There are many advantages of selling your goods through any other website i.e. third party and they are as follows.

1.) Ease of Starting a Business

If you start your Dropshipping business through a third party, then you will find it very easy to set up this business. Because these sites are completely established and as soon as you upload your product on these sites, you start getting orders soon. Due to this, your Dropshipping business starts easily.

2.) No Marketing Required

When you create your site, you need to market it and it costs a lot. On the other hand, if you start this work through a famous website, then you do not need to take the tension of marketing, because these sites are already very famous.

3.) Your products reach more people

eBay and Amazon sites are very old and very famous websites and many people buy products from these sites. If you upload your products on these sites, then the customers of these sites also become your customers and in less time, you connect with more people.

📌Disadvantages of starting a Dropshipping business with a website

1.) Cost of fees

You can do business by joining any other website only when you pay them the fees fixed by them. Whenever a customer buys your products from their site, then these sites deduct some money from the price of that product as a fee. For example, if the price of your product is 100 rupees and if that product is bought by someone, then 10 or 15 percent of the price of that product is kept by that website as a fee, which There is a fee of some sort.

2.) You have no control

Every website has its own rules and when you do business with these websites, you have to follow their rules. Because of this you do not have much control over your products and you have to work under those sites.

Important information related to starting a successful online drop shipping business-

3.) Choosing the Right product

Many types of products are sold in the market, out of which some products are in high demand, while some products are not bought much by the people. Therefore, when you start the drop shipping business, first decide which product you want to sell and which product you do not.
Try to choose only those products whose shopping is done by people online a lot. Also, sell all kinds of variety products on your website.

4.) It is also necessary to do research

Earning money through Dropshipping is not that easy and it is necessary to do a lot of good research to earn money through it.

Through research, it is easy for you to select those products, which are bought a lot by people online.
After doing research, you have to contact the wholesale seller, manufacturer, and dropshipper supplier of the products you will choose to sell.

You can sell their products on your website only after making a deal with the wholesale seller, manufacturer, and dropshipper supplier to sell their products. However, while making a deal, make sure that how much profit margin you will get in selling those products.

📌Build an e-commerce website thoughtfully

People can buy your products from you only through an e-commerce website. That’s why you have to make your e-commerce website very thoughtfully. Also, you have to choose a good name for your e-commerce website.
Before creating an e-commerce website, you also have to decide which products you are going to sell through your e-commerce website. After this is decided, according to your product, get a website made for yourself from any website-making company.

1.) It is necessary to give information about the website

No matter how attractive your website is, until people do not get information about your website, you will not be able to grow in this business. That’s why you have to make a good strategy related to the promotion of your website so that people can get to know about your website.

2.) Contact your customers

Not every Dropshipping supplier needs to deliver the right product all the time. So whenever your customers get the products they ordered, you should contact them and take their review. Apart from this, if you want, you can also add a comment section to your website through which you can connect with your customers.


Before starting the dropshipping business, you should prepare a plan related to this business and start your dropshipping business according to that plan. Also, try to read some books related to this business well before doing a dropshipping business. By reading these books, you will also get many important information related to this business.

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