How to Do Keyword Research
How to Do Keyword Research

Best Explanation How to Do Keyword Research in 2024

What is Keyword Research, How To Do it – What is Keyword Research

Keyword Research: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is needed to make any blog successful. And it is very important to do Keyword Research to do SEO, but how to do Keyword Research? If you are a new blogger then you have to do Keyword Research to take your blog post to high rank.

Because Keyword Research is an important part of SEO. Because of keywords, more traffic comes to your blog post.

If you want to bring more and more users traffic to your blog, and want to earn more and more money then you should do Keyword Research. But many questions come to mind, like- what is Keyword Research, how to do Keyword Research, which tool to use for Keyword Research, etc.

Let me now give you what is keyword research in this article , and complete information related to it like types of keyword research, how to do keyword research etc.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a process in which we find the words that people are searching the most on the internet. While doing keyword research, we look at the Search Volume, Competition, CPC etc. of that keyword.

We also use Keyword Tool for keyword research . This tool gives us information about Search Volume, Competition, CPC etc related to different keywords. After Keyword Research, we get some great keywords.

If we write our blog post on a good keyword, then that blog post of ours will quickly be on High Ranked Position . Meaning our article will be shown first from other articles.

If you want maximum traffic on your blog post, then you should do keyword research in the best way. And for how to do keyword research , you must read this article completely.

What is Keyword, and its types

The word Keyword is made up of two words Key and Word in which Key simply means key and Word means word. So we can say that ” keyword ” is a special type of word.


The keyword for the blog is called the one which is most searched by the people on the internet. Example : I am a student and I want to buy a good laptop, so I will search “Best laptop for Student” on Google.

In this “ Best laptop for Student ” is a keyword. Now most of the people search this keyword who want to buy laptop. Similarly, find a great keyword related to the topic on which your article is based.

After this, this keyword is inserted beautifully in the article. Meaning the keywords in the article are written on the basis of SEO. Keywords help make online searches easier.

Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) gives ranking to your article on the basis of keywords. That’s why keywords are very important.

There are many types of keywords, which are as follows.

Keyword Types

For Keyword Research, it is important to know how many types of keywords are there. Generally there are two types of keywords, which are used for SEO. We will read about the three types of keywords in this article.

1. Head Keyword

A keyword that consists of only one word is called a Head Keyword. For example “ Laptop ” is a Head Keyword. Competition is very high on such keywords, so no new blogger should use this type of word as a keyword.

2. Short Tail Keyword

A keyword that consists of 2 or 3 words is called Short Tail Keyword. For example, “ Best Laptop Price ” is a Short Tail Keyword. Any blogger can work on such keywords and can also get good traffic.

However, competition is also high on such keywords, so you have to do the right keyword research and find a keyword with less competition.

If you are a new blogger, then you should not work on Short Tail Keyword, because most of the keywords are of high competition . In such a situation, your blog post will never be able to rank.

3. Long Tail Keyword

A keyword that uses more than 3 words can be called a Long Tail Keyword. For example “ Best Laptop Price for Student ”, this is a Long Tail Keyword, which any new blogger can use.

New blogger should start working on Long Tail Keyword only, so that traffic starts coming in the beginning itself. After this, if you get complete information related to SEO, then you can use Short Tail keyword.

There are many tools available on the Internet for Long Tail Keyword Research , which you can use.

Keyword Research Process

Keyword Research Process
Keyword Research Process

Important Terms Related to Keyword Research

For Keyword Research, one should know about Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty and CPC. Because keyword research is based on these three terms.

Search Volume

Total Monthly Searches of any keyword is called Search Volume. Means how many times a keyword is being searched in a month, it is called search volume. For example, the keyword “Best Laptop price” has been searched 5000 times in a month, so it means Search Volume 5000.

If you are doing keyword research, then you need to know the Search Volume related to the keyword. The keyword whose search volume is high, then that keyword can bring more traffic to your blog post.

Keyword Difficulty

Competition on a keyword is called Keyword Difficulty. At the time of keyword research, it is necessary to know Keyword Difficulty (KD) so that in the initial time it can increase the rank by working on low competition keyword.

If the KD of a keyword is between 20 to 30, then the competition for that keyword is very low, and you can easily rank on that keyword. But if the KD is between 30 to 60, then by doing some hard work you can bring the article to a higher rank.

If the KD is more than 60, it means that the competition is very high, and a new blogger cannot work on such keywords at all. If a new blog writes an article on High KD, then it will take a long time for its post to rank.

CPC – Cost Per Click

CPC whose full form is “ Cost Per Click ”, means the cost of each click. It is also very important to look at CPC at the time of keyword research, but CPC works only when you have an AdSense Approval.

CPC is related to AdSense’s advertisement on the blog. For example, the CPC of the keyword “Best Laptop Price” is Rs 27.69. This means that if you use this keyword in your article, then the cost of a click on the advertisement shown in this article will be Rs 27.69.

If you use keywords with high CPC, then you will earn more from advertising.

Use of Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a powerful tool for optimizing online content and advertising strategies. It helps businesses and marketers identify relevant keywords and search volume data to target their audience effectively. By entering specific keywords or phrases, users can discover related terms, search trends, and competition levels. This data aids in crafting targeted SEO campaigns, creating relevant ad groups for Google Ads, and understanding user intent. The tool’s insights enable users to make informed decisions, increase website traffic, and improve ad performance, ultimately boosting online visibility and reaching the right audience with the right content.

Mastering SEO with Google Keyword Research Tool: Boost Your Online Success

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence is paramount for businesses and content creators alike. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in driving organic traffic to websites, and a key component of successful SEO is keyword research. Google’s Keyword Planner, a free and powerful tool, empowers marketers and website owners to unlock valuable insights and optimize their content to rank higher in search engine results.

Unlocking the Potential of Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner provides users with a wealth of data, including search volume, keyword competition, and suggestions for related terms. Armed with this information, businesses can identify high-traffic, relevant keywords to incorporate into their content and marketing strategies. By targeting these specific keywords, websites can attract more visitors actively seeking products or information related to their niche.

Tailoring Content for User Intent:

Understanding user intent is vital for crafting compelling content that aligns with what users are searching for. Keyword Planner assists in identifying long-tail keywords and specific phrases that reflect users’ needs, helping content creators tailor their material to answer users’ questions and provide valuable solutions.

Improving PPC Campaigns:

For businesses utilizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Keyword Planner aids in constructing effective ad campaigns. By selecting relevant keywords with moderate competition, marketers can optimize their budget, improve click-through rates, and increase conversions.

Why is it important to do Keyword Research?

To earn money from any blog, it is also necessary to have more traffic on the blog. And to bring traffic to the blog, you have to do SEO. Keyword research is an important part of SEO, so it is necessary to do keyword research to rank the blog.

To get any information on all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, the keyword is searched in the search bar. When a user searches for a keyword in a search engine, then the search engine has many websites related to that keyword.

In such a situation, the search engine shows the best article related to that keyword at the top, and other articles are below it. Means the article can be ranked only by the keyword.

If you write articles without keywords, then your article will never get much traffic. And without user traffic, you cannot earn well.

How to do Keyword Research – The right way

Different bloggers have different methods of doing keyword research. Keyword research can be done with both free and paid tools. When doing keyword research, try to find answers to some important questions. These questions are as follows-

  1. On which topic people most Searching?
  2. How popular is a keyword with your audience?
  3. How many times are your keywords searched per month?

How to Do Keyword Research, so you can do keyword research in three steps.

Step 1: Choose a topic for your article

To do keyword research, you must first choose the topic of your article. On which topic you want to write an article, choose it and write its Head Keyword or Short Tail Keyword.

Example: If I want to write an article to sell laptop, then in such a situation the topic of my article will be “Best Laptop” or “Best Laptop for buy”. This is Head Keyword and Short Tail Keyword for my article.

Step 2: Search your topic in keyword tool

Now you have to choose the best keyword tool , and enter your Main Keyword in it. Nowadays you will easily find many types of keyword tools on the internet. You will also get free keyword tools. You can find keywords related to your topic with the help of any tool.

Example : Suppose you have used Ubersuggest Tool. All you have to do is search by putting your Main Keyword in the Keyword Tool. After that the tool will show you the list of many other keywords related to Main Keyword.

Search volume, Competition and CPC will be written for each keyword in this list. Now you can pick any right keyword according to you. Meaning you have to choose a keyword whose search volume is high and competition is low.

In this way you can find a great keyword.

Step 3: Related Keywords related to Main Keyword

After finding a Main Keyword with Keyword Tool, you also have to find Related Keywords. You can also get this keyword from Google’s search engine. Means when you type keywords in Google’s search bar, then you also see other keywords in Drop Down.

Apart from this, on searching a keyword on Google, some related keywords also appear at the bottom. You can also use them in your article. You can also add some FAQs to your article.

Note that after doing keyword research, it is also necessary to write the keyword correctly in the article. Otherwise there is no use of doing keyword research. Using keywords correctly in the article is called On-Page SEO.

How to do keyword research for free – The best way

If you are a new blogger then you do not need to buy keyword tool at all. You can also do keyword research using free tools, and can also bring a lot of traffic.

Note : At the time of keyword research, you should choose only such keywords which are Long Tail Keywords. Because due to less competition on such keywords, the article can be ranked quickly.

What are the benefits of keyword research

There are many advantages of doing keyword research, such as-

  1. Keyword research is important to bring good traffic to the blog or website and to get high rank in search engine.
  2. With the help of Keyword Research, you can make a blog or website popular quickly.
  3. SEO Based Article can be written by keyword research.
  4. You can connect with the target visitor with the article written by Keyword Research.
  5. Keyword research reveals Competition and Search Volume.
  6. Traffic definitely increases on writing Keyword Based Article, and this also increases the Domain Authority and Backlinks of the website.
  7. By doing keyword research, you can analyze your competition very well.

Necessary precautions during keyword research

While doing keyword research, it is important to keep some important things in mind. As-

  1. New blogger should choose Long Tail Keyword while choosing keywords.
  2. You choose a keyword whose Monthly Search Volume is less than 200.
  3. The Competition Difficulty of the keyword should be less than 20.
  4. Choose a new trend keyword only.
  5. Choose keywords that the user can easily understand.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In this article, we learned how to do keyword research? Let us now get answers to some other important questions.

What is Long Tail Keyword?

Long Tail Keyword means such a keyword which has 3 or 4 words or more words. With such keywords, you can find out the Search Intent of the users. And can write a good article for the target visitor.

What are the best free keyword research tools?

Any new blogger should use the free keyword research tool in the initial time. However, you can still write great articles by using free keyword research tools. These tools are as follows-Google Keywrod Planner, Ubersuggest, Keywrod, Wordstream, Google Trends etc

Which is the best Paid Keyword Tool?

Talking about the best Paid Keyword tool, there are many such best tools, such as-

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Moz Pro
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • MangoolsKWFinder etc.

How to do keyword research for YouTube?

Answer: If you are a youtuber then keyword research is necessary to bring traffic on youtube videos as well. Before doing keyword research for YouTube videos, you have to choose the topic. After that you can search related to that topic with the help of keyword tool.

There are also many keyword tools for YouTube, such as
YouTube Autosuggest

What is LSI Keyword?

The full form of LSI Keyword is Latent Semantic Indexing . LSI keywords are called those which are synonymous with our Focus Keyword. These keywords are Supporting Keywords for the Main keyword.


With the help of this article, we have shared with you all the information related to keyword research like what is keyword research and how to do keyword research ? etc. in detail, we hope that this effort of mine would have been very useful for all of you. Tell you how to do keyword research through this article? You must have read the complete detailed information related to and today you must have learned a lot because we have.

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