Make Money With Canva
Make Money With Canva

Best 25 Ways To Make Money With Canva In 2024

From Passion to Profit: The Ultimate Guide to Make Money with Canva

Do You Want to Make Money with Canva? Want to Earn $5000/- Month. Yes, Then You are on the Right Platform to get Enough Information about Canva and use this Graphic and Video Designing Tool. Parallelly we will also get to know how to Earn Using Canva.

Canva Tool
Canva Tool

Canva is a web-based graphic design tool that allows users to create designs for a variety of purposes such as social media, productions, flyers, and more. With a wide array of features, Canva is an essential tool for businesses, marketers, and designers alike. 

Through Canva Tool, you can do Lots of Design work for Small to Large companies Online and Offline including Social Media Like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Like Canva, many graphic design tools are becoming job opportunities for the youth nowadays. If you are also thinking of making a career in this field by learning tools like Canva, then you can take the help of an Advanced Graphic Design course for success.

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 Here are 25 ways you can leverage Canva to make money

1.) Freelance Graphic Design

Freelance Graphic Design
Freelance Graphic Design

This is the stylish¬†way¬†to¬†Offer” Graphic¬†design¬†services on freelance¬†platforms¬†Like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.

2.) Social Media Management:

You Can Manage Social Media Accounts for Small businesses and use the Canva Designing Tool to produce engaging posts, rolls, stories, and advertisements.

3.) Print on Demand: 

Print on Demand
Print on Demand

T-shirts Printing, Mugs, and other wares using Canva and vend these Designs on platforms like Etsy, Redbubble, or Teespring.

4.) Digital Products 

Digital Products To Sell on Etsy
Digital Products To Sell on Etsy

This is Called Digital Download, Then You Can produce and vend digital products like Logo, Wallpaper, Home Decore Decor, itineraries, workbooks, or templates on your website or commerce like Etsy.

5.) E-book Covers and Layouts

ebook cover design Fiverr
ebook cover design Fiverr

 Just Yo Can Design attractive e-book covers and interior layouts for authors and publishers, You Can Contact Them On Amazon.

6.) Online Courses and Webinars:

Sell Online Courses and Webinars
Sell Online Courses and Webinars

You Can Also Create visually appealing presentations, worksheets, and promotional materials for online courses and webinars.

7.) YouTube Channel Art

Nowadays YouTube is Becoming a Crazy Source of Income For YouTubers, Design YouTube channel art, thumbnails, and video graphics for content creators.

8. Website Design

Although Canva is not a web development tool, you can design website Images and graphics for web developers and bloggers.

9.) Branding Packages

For Small Businesses, You Can Offer branding packages that include logo design, business cards, letterheads, and social media kits.

10.) Invitation and Stationery

 Design custom assignations, chatting cards, and stationery for particular events and businesses.

11.) Photo Editing Services

Use Canva’s¬†print¬†editing features to¬†offer¬†print¬†improvement¬†and manipulation¬†services.

12.) Podcast Cover Art Design

Eye-catching cover art for podcasters.

13. Real Estate Marketing

 produces real estate pamphlets, leaflets, and social media posts for real estate agents.

14.) Educational Product Materials

 Design educational accouterments like flashcards, bills, and educational infographics for preceptors and preceptors.

15.) Resume and CV Design

 Help job campaigners stand out with professionally designed resumes and CVs.

16. Menu Design

 Design menus for caffs, cafes, and bars.

17. Event Promotion

 produces promotional accouterments for events like bills, pamphlets, and social media posts.

18.) Newsletter Design

 Design newsletters for businesses and associations to communicate with their guests or members.

19.) Infographics produce

Create infographics for bloggers, businesses, and educational institutions to simplify complex information.

20.) Marriage Stationery

 Design marriage assignations, save-the-date cards, and thank-you cards.

21.) Pamphlets and Brochures

Design instructional pamphlets and leaflets for businesses and non-profits.

22.) Office Promotion Products

Office Promotion Products or Gift Items Design. Produces designs for band wares, event monuments, and promotional particulars.

23. Advertising Accoutrements

 Design banners, bills, and pamphlets for advertising juggernauts.

24. GIFs and robustness

 Use Canva Pro to produce simple GIFs and robustness for social media or websites.

25. Tutoring Canva Course

 If you are complete in using Canva, offer your services as a Canva educator through online platforms or shops.

By¬†using¬†Canva’s¬†tools¬†and¬†coffers, you can¬†explore¬†multiple¬†income¬†aqueducts¬†and¬†feed¬†to¬†colorful¬†niches¬†in the¬†design¬†and digital marketing¬†world.

Use Of Canva

Using Canva you can create any type of graphics. You can create images for your blog. You can create banners as advertisements or you can create ads for any Social Media.

Apart from this, you can also create any type of post to post on your social media, whether it is for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Not only this but you can create many other types of graphics with the help of Canva. With Canva you can create more than 46 types of graphics.

Canva Alternative

Although there are many alternatives to Canva on the internet, but another graphics designing tool is emerging and its name is Crello.

Crello is also a graphics designing tool just like Canva, with its help you can create very beautiful graphics for your website, blog, or social media.

Crello also has 2 versions, one is completely free and the other is paid for which you will have to pay money. To know everything about Crello, read our second article.

Why choose Canva for making money online?

With more than 10 crore users Canva. It has become a tool for designing graphics easily around the world. From social media posts to banners and graphics, Canva has become the choice of many creators and professionals.

Here, many things like templates, stock photos, videos, and graphics are available to the users for free, with the help of which anyone can easily design any graphic of their choice.

But do you know that if you have a proper understanding of your market, you can also earn from Canva? In this article, we will talk about 5 ways to make money using Canva.

Earn by becoming a contributor If you are a graphic designer and want to earn more than your daily work, then Canva is the best option for you. You can help scale the media and elements library on the platform by becoming a contributor on Canva.

Canva is used by approximately 65 million people in 179 countries. A large market will be available for your product on Canva. Whenever a user uses your design on the platform, you will get money in return.  

To become a Canva contributor you have to apply. Although applications are not being accepted at the moment, you can wait for the application window to open again.

Template will generate income From big to small businesses, individuals come to Canva for their graphics needs. In such a situation, you can offer all quality graphics like social media graphics, logos, banners, ebooks, infographics, presentations, resumes, flyers, posters, and business cards.

Ideas for Canva templates to create:

  • Instagram story templates
  • Instagram carousel templates
  • Pinterest pin templates
  • TikTok templates
  • Presentation templates
  • Media kit templates
  • Resume templates
  • Website templates
  • Newsletter templates

You can earn from Canva’s Creator Marketplace by creating graphics in the Templates, Elements, or Educational Resources categories.

Can also sell design services If you are experienced in graphic designing then there are many opportunities in the digital marketing sector. First of all, you have to find out what is your level of design experience.

You can then sell your Template Design to online selling apps such as:

  • Etsy
  • Creative Market
  • Teachable
  • Shopify
  • Stan Store

The second thing you can do is decide the pricing of those graphics according to how important it is for your client. The third way is to edit your Canva design on You can also sell on platforms like.

There is a demand for designs that can be downloaded and printed. Printable products, i.e. such digital designs that users can easily download, are in great demand at present. You can make a lot of money by designing low-content books.

Low-content books are books that do not have much content. For example- journals, notebooks, coloring books, planners, puzzle books, etc. Many people are earning money by selling these designs on Amazon Kindle or other marketplaces.

This method is economical because the margin in it is quite high. One advantage of selling digital products is that you do not have to worry about expenses on things like manufacturing, and shipping.

Do a Canva Graphic Design Course

If you have become a professional using Canva, then you can create a Canva course and sell it to other creators. Many Canva YouTubers and bloggers are selling courses that give people information about things like designing good graphics, downloading the best template, choosing the right font, and how to drive traffic to the site using Canva design.

If you are thinking of selling a course, then keep in mind that you must keep assignments for your customers. Outline what you are going to teach in the course and what the customers will learn from the course. You can decide the pricing of the course based on how long your course is and the level of information given in it.

Four Canva business owners told Business Insider that creators can earn between $1,000 and $10,000 per month by working 84 hours per week.

How to use Canva Pro for free?

If you have an email provided by your college, then you can use Canva Pro for free. Apart from this, you can use it for free even if you work in a non-profit. One one-month free trial is also available for normal users, with the help of which you can use Canva Pro free for one month.

Difference Between Canva Free Version VS Canva Pro Version

Canva Free VS Canva Pro
Canva Free VS Canva Pro

Canva Free:- With the free plan of Canva, you get many features for free. With its help, you can create free posts for your blog, website, or social media and achieve growth.

Canva Pro:- In this, you will get all the features of Canva Free and along with it you get many more features like One Click Background Remover, 100 GB Cloud Storage, Social Media Content Scheduler, and many more.

Canva Tools Features

  1. ) Drag-and-drop editor
  2. ) Photo straightener
  3. ) Image cropper
  4.  Add text to photos
  5. ) Speech bubble maker
  6. ) Image transparency tool
  7. ) Photo enhancer
  8. ) Design grids
  9. ) Free icons
  10. ) Photo frames
  11. ) Stickers
  12. ) Texture backgrounds
  13. ) Design templates
  14. ) Brand Kit for logos and colors
  15. ) Magic Resize tool
  16. ) Photo blur
  17. ) Photo vignette
  18. ) Collaboration and sharing features
  19. ) Content planner for social media
  20. ) Animation and GIF creator
  21. ) Video editing tools
  22. ) Background remover
  23. ) Color palette chooser
  24. ) Font selection
  25. ) Custom templates

List Of Some Canva Design Ideas

  1. ) Logo designs
  2. ) Social media posts
  3. ) Business cards
  4. ) Infographics
  5. ) Email headers
  6. ) Presentation slides
  7. ) Event Invitations
  8. ) Flyers and posters
  9. ) Ebook covers
  10. ) Menu designs
  11. ) Gift certificates
  12. ) T-shirt designs
  13. ) Resume templates
  14. ) Wedding invitations
  15. ) Photo collages
  16. ) Newsletter layouts
  17. ) YouTube thumbnails
  18. ) Podcast covers
  19. ) Real estate flyers
  20. ) Workout plans
  21. ) Lesson plans
  22. ) Budget planners
  23. ) Certificates of achievement
  24. ) Branding kits
  25. ) Animated social media stories

Canva Logo Maker

Using Canva, we can design any kind of professional logo, along with that we also get to see many templates of logo design on the Canva platform, using which we can also design a professional logo. 

If you can design a very good and attractive logo with the help of Canva Tool, then you can design a logo for a YouTube channel, website, or any company and earn even better money through Canva, but for this, you will need a logo. You have to learn to design well. 

The craze of logo designing is very high at present, and today almost everyone wants to get a professional logo designed to make their brands and YouTube channels attractive to watch, people also pay a lot of money for this, so you can do the work of logo designing. To get help, you can also join Facebook groups, or email Brands, and Youtubers for work. 


Canva is a very good and powerful graphics designing tool, with its help you can grow your social media account by creating graphics. Apart from this, if you learn Graphics design properly then you can also earn money by working for others.

If you buy the Pro Version of Canva i.e. Canva Pro, then you get many more features in Canva with the help of which you can make your graphics more beautiful. You can take your graphics designing skills to the next level.

Apart from this, if you are a complete beginner then you can use Canva Free Version and learn about Canva and Graphic Designing by watching tutorials on YouTube.

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